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  • verb

Synonyms for disburden

to free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable

to remove the cargo or load from

Synonyms for disburden

take the burden off

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14) Read through the attunement of anxiety, the ontology of these films becomes more complicated than simply art forms created to disburden the they-self.
Diminutive body details such as ears, fingers and toes were removed to disburden grid generation while maintaining a sufficient level of surface description.
Since the Emancipation, too burdensome for most Jews as well, one must conclude, for the majority of them have, when offered the option, chosen to disburden themselves of halakhah, Narrowing the circle even further, as Kellner is ruefully aware, the way of Maimonides has been, in turn, too severe and too demanding for the mass of observant Jews.
If Rorty turns out to be right in these matters, then we would all be better off if we could stop trying to articulate a comprehensive vision that unites our pursuit of private self-creation and our pursuit of broad social solidarity; we should take up a new vocabulary, he argues, that allows us to disburden ourselves of the task of finding some way to ground our political theories, escape the desire to unify all of our values, and free ourselves from metaphysical foundations.
In this context, the establishment of a legal environment that ensures conditions such as equal protection of intellectual property rights or globally reliable enforcement of foreign judgments is one of many steps necessary to disburden cross-border business interaction.
The world will disburden it self of you & and you shall be cast forth as an abominable branch.
21) Even so, no amount of physical discomfort or moral instruction can cleanse a man unprepared, unwilling, or unable to disburden himself of worldly cares.
Had the United States and the other nuclear powers decided, after fifty-five years of living with the threat of nuclear annihilation, to disburden themselves and the world of this curse without limit?
Although this wouldn't disburden the network from all of the unnecessary packet traffic as millions of URL's were repeatedly visited without effect, it would at least remove a lot of the clutter for the search engines.
Persons's description of `those which attend in the Catholique Churche, to deale with soules in the holie sacrament of confession' become `those which are known to be skilful, and to deal so sincerely withal, that others disburden their consciences unto them for their comfort or counsel'.
Without question and drama, we have become heavy with too much uncreative theory, and to move again we must disburden ourselves of its weight.
Ironically, it is the magic of the spirit found in the tamarind tree that helps Koumba to disburden herself of her hump, and that causes Khary's final frustration.
One needed to forget, not remember; to disburden, not embrace anything new; to substitute for frolicsome celebrations a stern course of self-abatement.
He wrote to disburden an excited mind--or imagination.
Yet at the same time his Darwinian perspective allows him to disburden the problem of its moral freight and restore to it some of the "comforting geometry" that belongs to "the knowable, limited plane of the snooker table" (3).