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thin out buds to improve the quality of the remaining flowers

destroy undeveloped horn buds (of cattle)

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Keywords: Bovine; calf; electric disbudding; surgical disbudding
This could be said to include neutering domestic animals, microchipping and tagging, disbudding young livestock and docking and castrating lambs, pig lets and cattle.
Some people opt to dehorn the kids, usually when they are 1 week old, with a tool called a disbudding iron, which looks like a soldering iron with the tip sawed off.
When the removal of infected plants accompanies another job function such as watering or disbudding, the cost of control is reduced.
Here he is in spring, disbudding the pea plants and taking off the tendrils before securing the main stems with wire rings.
Early disbudding may help eliminate the monkey-faced berries that sometimes show up with the year's earliest crop.
6: Be sure to have all your birthing supplies on hand: heat lamp, blankets, disbudding boxes, nipple waterers, iodine or other disinfectant to treat the naval cord.
When expanding spacing or disbudding or staking are required, it is nearly impossible to avoid coming in contact with the soil.
They are spray chrysants, which means they don't need disbudding to produce a single flower, and apart from stopping - taking out the growing tip - after planting they can be left to their own devices.
This, called disbudding, will force the energy that would have gone into creating a spectacular center blossom into the smaller surrounding blossoms, boosting their color and size.
And be ready for kidding and lambing with heat lamps, blankets, disbudding boxes, nipple waterers, iodine or other disinfectant to treat the naval cord.
6: Schedule your disbudding, trimming hair and hooves, castration, worming, tattooing, and dipping for external parasites for after full moon, but before new moon.
The Organic Health Standard also requires that physical alterations--such as tattooing or other identification, disbudding and castration--be done only in a way that promotes the welfare of the goat and minimizes pain and stress.
18: If you have goats, now is the time to be building kidding boxes and a holding box for disbudding kids, time for completing fall vaccinations and for trimming feet.
I really highly recommend disbudding for dairy bucks.