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thin out buds to improve the quality of the remaining flowers

destroy undeveloped horn buds (of cattle)

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Spring-planted strawberry runners should be disbudded.
Buck kids should be disbudded within the first week of life.
2TO help hybrid tea roses to flower well next year, they should be disbudded.
Our first two goats were young registered Alpine bucks that had just been disbudded.
Hybrid tea roses will flower best next year if disbudded.
To eliminate the growth of horns, kids of both sexes are disbudded.
We bred, birthed, castrated, disbudded, doctored, chased and butchered animals.
Excuse me, but I will take the safety of a nice, quiet Nubian doe that has been disbudded as a kid, and is too heavily burdened by a huge udder which is carrying a gallon of rich, sweet milk to be jumping on people's cars or trying to get through fences.