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in an incredulous manner

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Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, challenged, disbelievingly.
I looked at myself, disbelievingly, feared I might be transparent, after all.
Moyes, watching disbelievingly on the touchline, dropped to his knees in anguish.
Even better was to come for Gunners as they watched almost disbelievingly as Dan Parks - so often the killer of their ambitions - squandered three goal chances in quick succession.
But as reminders from the wider cultural spectrum force the issue of our participation in these artistic events--we are already cued to laugh at Vautier's gag and to be disbelievingly mesmerized by Saint Phalle's pseudo target practice--the debate shifts from moralizing judgments to the nature of the libidinal engines revved up by such displays.
It will be no surprise if tourists from other countries also follow his advice, having watched disbelievingly in their living rooms as the carnage unfolded.
For any narrative about watching the RSC over the previous ten seasons or so would have to be one of those stories about coming disbelievingly to be a connoisseur of one's own repeated disappointment, a sub-genre in which recent English writers have come to specialize.
But Richardson added, almost disbelievingly, that Barbaro was nonetheless eating well, had good vital signs, and was able to walk on the surgically resected hoof.
each other disbelievingly across a room) to a position of dramatic
While there, they sat and listened, in some cases disbelievingly, as presenters told them how resident care, staffing, and activities might be organized to personalize care and make it maximally supportive for residents and staff.
To this end Lessons Of Darkness ends with yet another in a long line of Herzogian images of circularity and futility: a fireman approaches a gushing blast of oil (the fire having just been extinguished), and, as Herzog narrates disbelievingly, throws a light into it and starts the whole process anew.
He repeated his story, but his comrades just raised their eyebrows and hummed disbelievingly.
Of these admissions (and there are a fair number of them), the following--a rewrite of something Harold Bloom once said about his experience with Blake's illuminated books--is likely the most heartfelt in its formulation: "I stare, disbelievingly, at the mystifying poetry and pictures it claims to account for, and then I try, too strenuously, to wind the golden string of the criticism into the heart of the illuminated books.
A passport used to be a rather grand object, handed to poker-faced officials for them to stare disbelievingly at your worst-ever photograph.
At this moment, the two interviewers laugh deprecatingly, disbelievingly, overriding her voice with their own "explanation," as one calls out, "You had a lot of guts