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As with disbarments, unless a longer time is specified, the minimum time between a disciplinary revocation/disbarment on consent and eligibility to apply for readmission to the Bar is five years.
The five-year average of disciplinary sanctions imposed annually includes 80 disbarments, 142 suspensions, 40 public reprimands, 41 admonishments, and 40 probation orders.
Fine also alleges in court documents that the past president and a current member of the State Bar Board of Directors will benefit by his disbarment.
Meanwhile, Fine says Los Angeles City Controller Laura Chick -- a public member of the State Bar board -- also would benefit from his disbarment.
In January Weinstock filed a complaint in the federal district court in Brooklyn to challenge his disbarments.
Weinstock's case challenging his disbarments was dismissed by the district court and that dismissal now is the subject of an appeal to the U.
51(a)-(j) provides a nonexclusive list of examples of disreputable conduct likely to result in disbarment or suspension.
So is the suspension or disbarment of an attorney, CPA, public accountant or actuary from practice by a state authority or Federal court, agency, board or other Federal body.
Schwartz said the commission's view was that since most disbarments are for the minimum five-year period, those would become suspensions from more than three years to five years.
The recommendation on disbarment was one of several made by the commission (See story on page 1 of the April 15 News).
In 2006, the court, at the Bar's request, eliminated the disciplinary resignation rule, replacing it with disbarment on consent.
That includes all past disciplines from admonishments to disbarments (private reprimands issued in cases before that discipline was eliminated in 1990 remain confidential), records on all cases closed within the past year, and in some cases confirmation of an ongoing investigation.
The commission met for two days in January and worked on topics from faster suspensions and disbarments when attorneys are convicted of felonies, whether most grievance complaints should be filtered through the Bar's Attorney-Client Assistance Program, and whether public reprimands should be administered before the Board of Governors or before a local judge.
A concern from the Supreme Court that more disbarments for egregious actions are not preceded by emergency suspensions.
Board member and committee Chair Kelly Overstreet Johnson said the committee proposed listing information about all minor misconduct, public reprimands, suspensions, probations, disbarments and disciplinary resignations on the Bar's website.