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the act of expelling a lawyer from the practice of law

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The SC en banc, in a resolution dated February 6, 2018, took consideration of the Senate committee's panel report, recommending that the senior Aegis Juris members who were believed to be involved in the cover-up be subjected to disbarment proceedings.
Magpa-file kami ng disbarment cases for ignorance of the law, itong justices na ito, he added.
Disciplinary revocation is equivalent to disbarment.
After the bar's decision, Sebesta appealed to the board, arguing that changes in disciplinary procedures warranted overturning his disbarment.
The HSYK announced while the hearing was being held that it had decided to disbar Judges BaE-er and Euzcelik based on Article 69 of the Law on Judges and Prosecutors, which suggests that even in the case of an action that necessitates disciplinary punishment but does not constitute a crime, a punishment of disbarment could be given if the action is seen as damaging the profession's dignity and prestige.
Annenberg will be required to notify clients of his disbarment and "properly disburse or otherwise transfer all client and fiduciary funds in his possession, custody or control.
The treaty should take in consideration nuclear disbarment, people's right to determine their own fate, rejection of foreign interference, in addition to protection of security and arms exports once permitted, Second Secretary in Kuwaiti mission to the UN Abdulaziz Ammash Al-Ajmi said.
This Article examines whether courts should reevaluate how they decide whether to allow lawyers to return to law practice after suspension or disbarment for impermissibly deceptive conduct.
A Winnipeg lawyer who overbilled 26 residential school survivors for his services could face disbarment.
At best, it is instant dismissal without any compensation, at worst a very heavy fine and/or a period of custody and disbarment from practice, especially where lives are at risk (how lucky is he?
Terms of the directive were not disclosed, but the disbarment stems from the March 2009 state conservatorship of Prime Financial, which numbered among nearly two dozen small Wisconsin and Illinois CUs that suffered mortgage loan losses in the 2009 collapse of CSMC, one of the early CU victims of the economic recession.
The general principles which should ever control the lawyer in the practice of the legal profession are clearly set forth in the following oath of admission to the Bar, which the lawyer is sworn on admission to obey and for the willful violation to which disbarment may be had.
Jewell also argued that the stress of the federal investigation and prosecution and his likely disbarment were enough punishment.
Also, Jon's attorneys have claimed that during the trial, prosecutors twice threatened a member of their team, Eric Chase - once with arrest and, at another point, with disbarment.
Outraged over a disbarment recommendation for a crusading lawyer who has sought to expose alleged improprieties in the Los Angeles County court system, the American Family Rights Association said Thursday that it plans to ask the U.