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Based at RAF Lossiemouth, the squadron's disbandment is part of the planned drawdown of the Tornado force.
Output 1: Implementation of weapon collection and disbandment of illegal armed groups fully supported.
The latest disbandment is part of the planned drawdown of the Tornado force, but 617 squadron are to reform, taking delivery of the Lightning II fighter to be based at RAF Marham in Norfolk with both RAF and Royal Navy personnel.
What the Spanish people expect is a complete and unconditional disbandment of group not a series of insubstantial announcements that offer nothing new, he said.
99% last financial year, had been ring - fenced for the Police Mounted Section, disbandment should not have been considered.
Councillor John Lines, Deputy Mayor of Birmingham City Council, says the Government has con-firmed the disbandment of The Second Battalion Of The Royal Regiment Of Fusiliers.
A public review of the criteria which led to the last minute substitution of 2RRF for disbandment, ostensibly offered by the Secretary of State for Defence, has not materialised.
Hammond was midway through a speech in which he hailed defence cuts as helping the armed forces become a more "efficient and strategic organisation" when he was shouted down by Colonel Ian Brazier of the Royal Fusiliers: "Tell the truth about the disbandment of the Fusiliers.
has weighed heavy on the hearts of several county residents, and the disbandment of the frac sand study committee has these residents bending the ears of their county commissioners in the name of health, safety and welfare.
The fallout from the highly controversial Somalia Affair led to the disbandment of the CAR in 1995.
This was stated by Naveed Kamran Baloch, Secretary Finance, Government of Sindh while clarifying the ambiguities about the alleged disbandment of SBI here Thursday.
WHILE sad that ancient, proud regiments are facing reduction in numbers or disbandment, the good news is that our ability to become involved in foreign wars, peace-keeping missions and all the rest of Blair type wars diminishes.
The group Led Zeppelin came into existence as the result of the disbandment of another famous 1960s group.
The ETUF faces a disbandment suit filed by labor activists based on judicial rulings that its previous elections were forged and its leaders were engaged in organizing attacks on protesters in Tahrir Square during the 18-day uprising that toppled the previous regime.
But Mr Baggott will ask them to remain on front line duty right up to the disbandment date, and then enter the programme - a move that will cost around pounds 6million.