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Synonyms for disband

Synonyms for disband

cause to break up or cease to function

stop functioning or cohering as a unit


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Jay Aspin, a North Bay-based trade advisor, says disbanding the network is killing some of the momentum they've created in their outreach programs.
And Sanders said that despite the disbanding of the task force, the department is undertaking steps to stem foster runaways, including a San Fernando Valley pilot project that provides mental health and other services to older youth at risk of running away.
Thorough coverage of historical events, including the burning of Jacques de Molay and the disbanding of the Knights Templar in 1315, particularize the importance of numerology to historic power struggles.
But our source insisted: "They can talk all they like but there is no way we are disbanding.
William Forsythe's Ballett Frankfurt makes its final appearance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival September 30-October 4, before disbanding next summer due to cost-cutting measures by the city of Frankfurt (see "Frankfurt and Forsythe Face Off," News, DANCE MAGAZINE, September 2002, page 19).
The National Policy Association, a nonprofit, non-partisan forum that in recent years had taken an interest in Cuban worker rights issues, is disbanding after nearly 70 years in existence.
Under the Commercial Code, when two companies merge, a surviving firm is not obliged to take over the entire sum of the net worth of a disbanding firm.
The daily quoted a Japanese senior police official as saying he strongly doubts the information about the disbanding of such division by North Korea.
No decision has been made on disbanding the governmental Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority which is saddled with cumulative debts of more than 800 billion yen, a senior Construction Ministry official said Thursday.
Intention of deregulation: Much of last week's discussion by the Administrative Conference's regulatory committee revolved around whether the White House had intended much of the de facto state and local deregulation that resulted from ONAC's disbanding.
In accordance with RAPID's bylaws, a vote of the membership was held and the disbanding of the organization was approved.
The mounted section costs PS521,000 a year to run and with the officers redeployed to other frontline roles the chief said disbanding the section will save Cleveland Police PS88,000 annually.
FORMER Karnataka Lokayukta and retired Supreme Court judge Santosh Hegde has described the disbanding of Team Anna as " unfortunate" and said the anti- corruption movement was the need of the hour.
At a meeting, the Security Council decided the decision on disbanding the private security firms was final and must be implemented as soon as possible, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.
Asked if disbanding the RAF would be a threat to the country's security, the 90-year-old, pictured, from Rugby, Warwickshire, said: "I think it would.