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Synonyms for disband

Synonyms for disband

cause to break up or cease to function

stop functioning or cohering as a unit


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The horses, who were commanded to charge the advancing Highlanders in the flank, received an irregular fire from their fusees as they ran on, and, seized with a disgraceful panic, wavered, halted, disbanded, and galloped from the field.
Islamabad -- PTI chief Imran Khan has written a letter justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmed asking him not to convene meeting of the partys election tribunal which has already been disbanded.
The fires of war are burning, and Trystan, a former member of the disbanded Order of the Acrium, takes up arms in hope of saving the city of Karalis, and his closest friends.
During the press conference today, Rahmani Fazli also announced that the Iranian forces have disbanded a notorious terrorist cell in the Eastern parts of the country.
And yesterday the stunned supporters were informed that Llambias had moved to axe their team and instructed the club's lawyers to have their group legally disbanded.
Recently The Last Post sounded to mark the end of an era as the Rhyl branch of the Normandy Veterans' Association disbanded.
IT carried out attacks on the enemy in North Africa and laid smoke screens for the landings at Dieppe during the Second World War, before being disbanded in the 1950s.
I had several good friends who died while serving in the regiment in Afghanistan and I feel they have died in vain if the regiment is disbanded.
SCHOOLCHILDREN were thrilled to receive a visit from Cleveland Police's soon to be disbanded mounted section.
Hany Mehana, spokesman for the ministry, said the Cabinet's decision to write off the Brotherhood's association is an implementation of the verdict, and the association will be disbanded as soon as the decision reaches the ministry, state-run MENA reported.
The saffron party has said it will launch an agitation if the government disbanded the VDCs.
It is mentioned that the former Iraqi army was disbanded by the U.
Al Khatib said that according to international law, Israel is fully responsible for the entire Palestinian population in the presence of the PNA and in the event it is disbanded.
News reports saying the Tehran Symphony Orchestra (TSO) has been disbanded after 80 years are incorrect.
The Bahrain Bar Society (BBS) filed an appeal at the Administrative Court after the Social Development Ministry disbanded its board last November and reappointed the previous board.