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Synonyms for disband

Synonyms for disband

cause to break up or cease to function

stop functioning or cohering as a unit


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Margaret Edgar, chairman and founder member, said: "Due to the national reorganisation of Arthritis Care, local branch members have decided to disband as we are unable to meet the criteria required for charities by new legislation.
Rihs admitted he was "bitterly disappointed" at having to disband the team when things looked so rosy not so long ago.
YOU'RE FIRED Llambias, right, has moved to disband the Rangers Fans Board
A BEAVER pack which dates back 80 years may have to disband within weeks unless they can find a new leader.
Other sources informed on Saturday that the terrorist group was identified three months ago and the IRGC had carried out three-phased military operations to disband the group.
SDLP leader Mark Durkan said the Ulster Unionist Party's threat to quit the executive if the IRA did not disband by the new year was part of a "coalition of wrecking" aimed at bringing down the political institutions.
It would be a pity if we have to disband as the team does a lot for the youngsters and we have been doing well.
The group's threats to disband - motivated by difficulty in securing an office and $50,000 in city funds - alarmed city officials including Councilman Dennis Zine, who made an aborted attempt to run for the panel.
THE widow of an RIR staff sergeant who was gunned down by terrorists in Co Derry 24 years ago spoke yesterday of her sadness at the decision to disband the Regiment's 5th Battalion.
There is no alternative but to disband the Kyoto Stock Exchange, given the trend,'' he said.
Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlam said there was concern the IRA were intent on keeping their guns and bombs while calling on those behind the Omagh bombing - the dissident Real IRA - to disband.
I call officially on the major and important clubs in European football to disband their elitist grouping.
TERROR groups were yesterday told to disband if peace is to be achieved.
THE IRA was under intense p ressure last night to disband and save the Northern Ireland p eace process.
FIRST Minister David Trimble last night issued a hard-line message demanding that the IRA and other terror groups not only disarm - but disband completely.