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Synonyms for disavow

Synonyms for disavow

to refuse to recognize or acknowledge

Antonyms for disavow

refuse to acknowledge

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To David Gergen's suggested limit--we can't stay on the same path and we can't just pull out immediately--must be added the one condition that could possibly still save the situation: disavowing permanent U.
Eventually, though, Nader's commitment to an ideal leads to an untenable situation that finds him disavowing former friends and running for office to many liberals' chagrin.
Two new sentences disavowing Gaynor's calls were added, she said.
Disavowing abstraction's breach with "meaning," Heilmann unabashedly posits subjective response as the literal blush creeping up every painting's cheeks.
Is that one "darkness" over there in the Essentials corner (re: your editor's note that the Journal would not cover the Essentials conference due to its requirement that media sign a declaration of faith disavowing adultery, fornication or homosexual unions), all barricaded off behind their pledge of allegiance, and allowing neither light nor sound to come out?
Rather, to put it more aptly, it is about a group of straight male white middle-class intellectual filmmakers, including co-directors Don Owen and Donald Brittain, planting themselves in the private space of a male public figure, using the alibi of homosociality and the aesthetic of the every day to look at the male body, but disavowing this
As a leading authority explains, "Feeling that it is deceptive to use an express warranty as a means of disavowing more valuable implied warranties, the Magnuson-Moss Act in its most important provision states that the implied warranties on consumer products may not be disclaimed if a written express warranty is given" (Hawkland Uniform Commercial Code Series by William D.