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Synonyms for disavow

Synonyms for disavow

to refuse to recognize or acknowledge

Antonyms for disavow

refuse to acknowledge

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BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces disavowed Thursday statements by Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi accusing a former ministry employee of wasting public funds.
In tracing this history, he argues that both projects have largely forgotten or disavowed the disruptive power of the unconscious and have turned away from psychoanalysis and education as emancipatory projects and that these disavowals are largely to blame for the constant rushing from one failed educational reform to another.
Hilton's family triggered the scrutiny this week by telling ABC that NBC was willing to pay close to $1 million for an exclusive upon her release, a story NBC promptly disavowed," the Times reported.
Heinz Kerry recently disavowed her recipe: "Somebody at my office gave that recipe out.
Although engaged in a highly competitive business wherein written contracts were often disavowed, Mr.
It also happened in terms of the more tandential areas whose connections to sexuality were often disavowed, from baby-boomer youth culture to science and education.
The court noted that the legislature expressly disavowed any intent to inflict additional punishment on offenders and stated that the statute was intended solely for the protection of the public.
Ayers and Dohrn, who have never disavowed their hatred for America and its traditional institutions, now focus their efforts on children's rights and social work -- continuing their subversive campaign by other means.
As reported by Catholic News Service, a small-town Oregon barber, who is a member of a splinter Seventh-day Adventist group disavowed by mainline Adventists, has paid tens of thousands of dollars to maintain the billboard, which directs people to a Web site where they find not proof but a chance to order a book.
Unfortunately, Fend disavowed the exhibition almost immediately afte it opened because the gallery owner allegedly censored one of its major components.
They also found children often disavowed any responsibility for their behavior and claimed they needed a "good pill" to control themselves.
which have not been authorized by the Company or its investor relations/media advisory firm are specifically disavowed by the Company.
Baghdad (NINA) - Spokesman of the Iraqiya Slate, Salman Al Jumaili, said IS will adopt a different stance in case the Strategic Policies Council was disavowed.
Timothy Zaal, former member and Los Angeles area director of operations, recruitment and propaganda for the White Aryan Resistance, disavowed the neo-Nazi organization and eventually became a consultant to the Task Force against Hate sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Though he perhaps initially believed that allowing Feinstein to follow him would rehabilitate his image, he immediately disavowed the book, though the author had compellingly presented the coach as a complex but probably unhinged and power-drunk lunatic whose champions and detractors both had plenty of coercive arguments in their respective corners.