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Synonyms for disavow

Synonyms for disavow

to refuse to recognize or acknowledge

Antonyms for disavow

refuse to acknowledge

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Know which sites linking to theirs have been disavowed by other participants.
This is due to Ballantyne Trees proto-feminist discourse of the female body as public territory, not as desexualized homosocial subject, but as commodity object of representation that is explicitly sexual rather than disavowed (alongside the centrefold, we see a hard-hitting barrage of lipstick and other sexist ads in the consumerist visual environment of rue Ste-Catherine).
This isn't to say that Ayers has disavowed bombing as an instrument of "social change.
Baghdad (NINA) - Spokesman of the Iraqiya Slate, Salman Al Jumaili, said IS will adopt a different stance in case the Strategic Policies Council was disavowed.
Though he perhaps initially believed that allowing Feinstein to follow him would rehabilitate his image, he immediately disavowed the book, though the author had compellingly presented the coach as a complex but probably unhinged and power-drunk lunatic whose champions and detractors both had plenty of coercive arguments in their respective corners.
UNICEF fears that the current crisis in Sierra Leone could revive a practice that most military leaders in the country have repeatedly disavowed in the last two years.
For reasons not entirely clear, the WWF - after participating in its creation - has now disavowed ``Beyond the Mat'' and refuses to take advertisements for the film on its television shows.
When first questioned about his role in a dirty-trick hit mailer that no doubt contributed to his beating Richard Katz, Alarcon denied knowledge of it, his campaign's involvement in it and disavowed responsibility for it.
On election day, Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, disavowed an Alarcon campaign mailer that included a photograph of the religious leader.
AFTER describing himself as an ``angel of death,'' respiratory therapist Efren Saldivar recently disavowed his confession that he hastened the deaths of 40 to 50 patients during an eight-year span.
After promising shareholders for more than 13 years in filings with the SEC that shareholders had the right to remove directors by a majority vote, Sovereign recently disavowed those promises and described them as inadvertent "scrivener's errors.
Senate on Saturday, has disavowed his past ties to the Ku Klux Klan but continues to espouse racial separatism and white supremacy.
which has not been authorized by the company or its investor relations/media advisory firm is specifically disavowed by the company.
Senate, has disavowed the Klan but continues to espouse an ideology of white supremacy and racial separation.
That is no longer the case; the United States has officially disavowed gold and silver as money and they no longer have a meaningful role in commerce.