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Synonyms for disavow

Synonyms for disavow

to refuse to recognize or acknowledge

Antonyms for disavow

refuse to acknowledge

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com, participants sign up at no cost, upload their site's Google disavow file, and get valuable missing intel on the websites linking to theirs.
As we enter a period in which bipartisanship will be a major priority for the Congress, it is vital that we disavow the most highly partisan example of the politics of personal destruction in the recent history of this House," said Fattah.
Mike" Foster, who not only did not disavow Duke, but is now charged with having paid him $150,000 for a mailing list of his supporters four years ago.
It was interference from the studio during the making of the 1960 epic that caused the eccentric director to disavow the film and move to England where he continued his often brilliant career until his death in 1999.
Male bonding may be majority in effect, but the references to "punks," "bitches," and other hate-filled speech disavow what's always simmering below the surface.
Gang members who have the courage and moral change of heart to disavow their gang affiliation and jump out, to regain a normal life, deserve the support of everyone and should be welcomed back into their communities.
Once branded a virtuoso in the classic Russian mold, Feltsman went to great lengths to disavow that reputation.
The cartographer views the landscape from a bird's-eye perspective which renders the world as a map, transforming it into images that disavow the tactility and mutability of real sites in order to present a fixed picture.
Adam Schiff, D-Pasadena, persuaded an Assembly Republican on Thursday to disavow his allegation that Schiff had failed to lobby lawmakers for a freeway bill.
This spirit of vengeful puritanism is echoed in the show's third storyline, a melodrama about a morally upstanding couple who bury their beastly baby, Shockheaded Peter, beneath the floorboards - only to learn that it's not so easy to disavow one's own flesh and blood, however flawed.
The top executives of Random House should immediately disavow the 100-best list as a misguided attempt to peddle expensive out-of-date elitist fiction.
government will disavow any knowledge of his existence.
He disavows that statement," Graham said on "Fox News Sunday.
Their antagonism toward Jews, which today's church disavows, is especially painful to read in light of the Shoah.
But he explicitly disavows discussing works in light of their intended purposes (e.