disaster area

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a region whose population is affected by a general disaster

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3 million peso (approximately 10 million yen) to be used in the rescue of those affected by this disaster and the ongoing recovery of the disaster area.
JOHANNESBURG (CyHAN)- South African Provincial and Local Government authorities are seeking support from National Government over the flood and storm stricken areas of their regions, which are to be labelled as disaster areas.
FASHION is getting behind the ShelterBox charity that delivers emergency relief to disaster areas around the world.
Mexico's Interior Ministry declared a disaster area in 53 municipalities in the state of Veracruz, where Arlene made landfall as a tropical storm early Thursday.
For a federal contract or order up to $5 million, the performance site can be outside the disaster area if the contract or order directly will assist the disaster recovery efforts.
Local businesses will be first in line for federal contracts in disaster areas under an interim rule adopted by the Federal Acquisition Regulations councils.
KETRA had established special rules regarding the retirement funds of individuals who lived in the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Area (see map 1) and sustained economic losses due to the storm.
All were expected to devise their own way out of the disaster area by private means, just like people do when disaster hits free-market countries in the Third World.
The act allows for the appraisal requirements of Title XI of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act and the agencies' appraisal regulations to be waived for up to thirty-six months when the President of the United States determines that a major disaster exists and the agencies determine that such waiver would both facilitate recovery in the disaster area and be consistent with safety and soundness.
Homeowners who are insured and lose their principal residence in a federally declared disaster area can take their Sec.
Her mother wants her to clean up the mess, but she is reluctant because she identifies herself with the disaster area.
Kampala -- At the conclusion of a meeting on March 2, 2004, religious leaders of the Acholi, Lango, and Teso ethnic groups appealed to Uganda's government to declare the north a disaster area and to ask for international help to end the fighting.
Already the area that was Ground Zero resembles more of a huge construction site than a disaster area.
This is not the first time that one of our students has visited a disaster area but it is the first time they have actively been involved in a search and rescue operation.
Occasionally I have observed to someone, `I am growing old,' and they have retorted in horror, `Oh no, you're not old,' as though I was talking about moving into some terrible disaster area.
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