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Synonyms for disassociation

the state of being unconnected in memory or imagination

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a state in which some integrated part of a person's life becomes separated from the rest of the personality and functions independently

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Because rotation of the inner head and outer shell and flexion of the stem would be expected in an activity such as crossing the legs during sitting, the dynamic cam-out test duplicates a motion know to cause dislocation and possibly disassociation.
Summary: Prime Minister Tammam Salam Tuesday said his government would continue trying to convince Hezbollah to adhere to the country's disassociation policy, at a news conference concluding his Saudi Arabia visit.
BEIRUT: The European Union implored Lebanon to form a new government and demanded that all political parties respect the country's policy of disassociation from the Syrian conflict, during a Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels Monday.
The March 14 coalition has expressed its opposition to Mansour's attendance at the Geneva II conference, arguing that he does not represent the interests of Lebanon and its disassociation policy from the war in neighboring Syria.
AeroGroup International Corporation - (Pink Sheets:DRGR) With the Open House and hosting the 6th Annual Melbourne Extravaganza, AeroGroup demonstrates some of its extraordinary aircraft and celebrates its emergence and disassociation from Tampa Bay Financial (TBF) following the June 11th resignation of Carl Smith as a board member and Matthew Veal as Secretary.
Ashton conveys support message for internal stability and adherence to disassociation policy Bbda: Nasrallah abandons constants AL-AKHBAR: Constitutional Council to decisive Friday DAILY STAR: Putin, Obama spar over Syria solution Syrian pound falls to record low on talk of arming rebels Leaders urge swift investigation into Bek Valley killings With dwindling council quorum hopes, extension seems certain A.
It explores the wide diversity of the thriller from classics of detective fiction to crime literature and all manner of writing on violence, disassociation and tension, focusing on settings and ideas emerging from and in postcolonial societies.
BEIRUT: Caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour stressed Monday that he did not violate Lebanon's disassociation policy during the Geneva II conference, saying that not a single Lebanese official had criticized the remarks he made at the peace talks.
Repeated administration of EXHERIN(TM) was shown to cause severe damage to the endothelium of the tumor blood vessels, as well as the disassociation of pericytes from these blood vessels.
We should openly announce our disassociation with those groups, she said.
Using the summits of December 1964 to December 1968 as a framework, Coleman traces the exchanges leading to what was in effect a declining relationship and disassociation as Johnson was dealing with events that would defeat him such as the war in Vietnam.
For Minghella, the scene taps into an almost reverent appreciation for the natural, uncorrupted order of things and also lays bare our modern disassociation with that framework.
This allows for some disassociation from market variability solely driving credit quality, and incorporates the expectation that the company will seek more active control of its investments.
President Barack Obama called Friday for the Lebanese presidential election to be held on time without any foreign interference, while stressing the importance of national unity and the disassociation policy on the conflict in Syria.
BEIRUT: Local and international officials congratulated Lebanon over the weekend on forming a government after an 11-month political deadlock, with foreign powers calling for sustaining the country's disassociation policy.