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Synonyms for disassembly

the act of taking something apart (as a piece of machinery)

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The experimental Ara smartphone developed by Google is one example of a product designed specifically for disassembly.
In addition to aircraft operating lease, financial lease, and sale and leaseback, CALC provides customers with aircraft full-life solutions, covering fleet planning consultation, structured financing, fleet replacement package deal, third party aircraft resale as well as aircraft disassembly and recycling business.
As the engineer virtually disassembles the product with an eye toward end-of-life recovery, he or she experiences the disassembly while also viewing the disassembly tree and the disassembly path that's already been identified.
Recommendation: To address uncertainties associated with NNSA's plans to establish a pit disassembly and conversion capability, the Administrator of the NNSA should develop a plan to mitigate the likely shortfall in plutonium oxide feedstock for the MFFF prior to the start of pit disassembly operations.
For proper disassembly process design is necessary to know, the process which was used by its assembly (Fig.
When you design for disassembly, you try and figure out how you can put one or two nails in the hardwood flooring instead of 50; how can we work with the general contractors to figure out how to pull the sheetrock down and take it apart," he said.
The labor hours and skill level required for disassembly and reassembly to replace basic components, plus the cost of those components, will determine the true ease of maintenance for a hot-manifold system.
Disassembly and assembly of the base machine is made easy through a crawler frame disassembly system using hydraulic cylinders and translifters.
The rebuilding program includes disassembly and cleaning of the die; stripping of all prior plating; polishing of all flow areas to 6-8 rms; grinding of all seal surfaces to .
Rade will handle all categories of electrical and electronic waste but will focus primarily on the disassembly of electronic products, including those containing cathode ray tubes (CRTs) such as televisions and PC monitors.
Disassembly modeling for assembly, maintenance, reuse, and recycling.
While many recyclers engage in some degree of testing and manual disassembly to recover resalable components, eventually, many end-of-life electronics will be sent along an infeed conveyor to meet the hungry jaws of ashredder.
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a Socratic animated agent on user performance in a computer-based CD player disassembly simulation.
Buyers can take home the sentiment ``Linda I Only Have Eyes For You'' if they purchase the H, though disassembly has reduced the romantic pledge to just ``or Y.