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the act of taking something apart (as a piece of machinery)

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1) The report provides detailed profiles of 12 leading companies operating within the commercial aircraft disassembly, dismantling & recycling market: - AAR Corporation - AerSale Inc
Contribution to the Product Disassembly System Design According to Acknowledged product End of Life Strategies, Master Thesis, Republic of Serbia
Houghton also says he thinks electronics manufacturers will begin to use modular designs that make disassembly and the separation of the various recycling streams easier.
While Gold Circuit does some limited disassembly, removing the housings from the monitors and computers it handles, Greenberg says further disassembly isn't economically feasible.
Transport, assembly and disassembly and warehouse management of the Directorate General for Civic and Community Action.
more about disassembly of their products to maximize recycling and
This design allows for easy installation and disassembly, which reduces repair times and warranty costs.
Total quantity or scope: - Repair Service electromagmetului extractor will consist of: disassembly, transport, unloading electromagnet; Removal connections; disassembly / cleaning / painting / assembly housing; disassembly / cleaning / / mount magnetic core; Production replacement coil conductor; disassembly / assembly performance fastening system / consolidation winding; Production system fixation / Press / consolidation winding; cleaning reusable items; impregnated windings and insulating elements; making connections; testing, verification and issuing bulletins as normative 116 = 1 piece
But mechanical processing may already be rendering as unnecessary many of the initial easy disassembly considerations that seemed important just a few years ago.
Also, the U750-60 allows ejector tooling to be changed without actuator disassembly.
BTEC's ability to refurbish turbines, manufacture auxiliary equipment such as control and fuel systems, and perform technical activities -- including engineering, disassembly, testing, installation, start-up and commissioning, and logistics management, as well as monitoring and maintenance -- reduces overall cost to customers.
The blast stream is said to easily clean mold cavities, sprues, gates and runners without disassembly or major temperature loss.
The United Recycling Services division handles disassembly and demanufacturing tasks for United.
While the demonstration project has given us guidance and direction, it only paves the way for more in-depth programs in the future, including design for disassembly.
Disassembly and component overhaul work will be performed at the depot and BAE Systems' facility in Fayette County, Pa.