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separate at the joints

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Patients with only toe amputations were excluded, and patients with disarticulation of the hip or abdomino-pelvic amputation were excluded because of low incidence rates.
The present report emphasizes the consideration of soft-tissue calcification in the differential diagnosis of medial knee or lower thigh pain following knee disarticulation, apart from other well-known causes of post-amputation pain.
A failure to get rid of the cancer affected bone would have led to two eventualities: either a disarticulation of the hip (surgical removal of the entire lower limb at the hip level) or an amputation of the leg to save the life of the man.
The patient underwent debridement of the left hip without requiring disarticulation or surgical intervention for his EC.
This entails openness to grappling with the unanswerable questions that are inherent in the faith, what Kathryn Tanner calls "engagement as disarticulation.
Disarticulation of the incudostapedial joint and/or incudomalleolar joint may occur, so it is extremely important to carefully examine both joints in order to achieve the best potential outcome for hearing.
Surgeons, engineers, therapists, and prosthetists from the US explain basic scientific concepts and key principles behind recording signals from peripheral nerves and providing sensory feedback to the prosthesis user; surgical approaches to transhumeral and shoulder disarticulation amputations; the role of TMR in the prevention and treatment of end-neuromas; and the principles of rehabilitation, prosthetic fitting, and occupation therapy.
A proportionately larger reduction in dredge efficiency during the winter for boxes compared with live oysters was judged the most likely reason, rather than disarticulation of boxes.
The disarticulation of the Southern agrarian bloc in other words required a break within the ranks of the Southern intelligentsia, a rearticulation of a significant segment of that intelligentsia toward alliance with the Northern proletariat, and a consciousness of the potentially revolutionary affiliation of the Southern peasantry with the insurrectionary workers of the North.
This distancing can lead to the disarticulation of coherent urban space, where people have to make what they can out of bare life.
I wonder if this may have something to do with the fact that essentially the lobster is a sexual signifier, one that leads away from what Breton would call the dream, but one that nevertheless concerns questions of sexual lines of attachment which are ambiguously subjected to disarticulation.
Their disarticulation from landward society means particular measures have been adopted to recruit and regulate their workforces.
For instance, the critique of Eurocentrism has relied almost exclusively on European languages for articulation, disarticulation and re-articulation while simultaneously constructing an independent paradigm and epistemology of Africana resistance, transcendence and triumph.
The patient underwent left hip disarticulation five days after removal of the third CNB.