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separate at the joints

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or not the flowers; f) rachilla persistent or deciduous at maturity; g) type of rachilla disarticulation at maturity (not disarticulating, disarticulating above the prophyll, disarticulating below the prophyll, shattering with points of abscission at the base of each fruit or not shattering); h) rachilla with wings or wingless, i) wings deciduous or persistent; j) glumes spirally or distichously disposed; and k) glumes persistent or deciduous (completely, incompletely, individually or collectively deciduous).
2) How does the narrative of this film work as a criticism, disarticulating the social context under which these traditional ideologies are produced, transformed, and reproduced?
Specimens were then prepared by disarticulating the humerus while preserving only the rotator cuff muscles and their tendinous attachments.
In such an existential historical terrain, disarticulating "race" from "class" is impossible.
For resistance to be effective, it would not be a matter of opposing incorporation but rather of disarticulating its promises and re-articulating another version of the capital-democracy nexus.
The document also contains plans for integral border security, urban security, eliminating the drug industry, and disarticulating the financial operations of the terrorist and drug-trafficking organizations.