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separate at the joints

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The ideological process of this narration disarticulates and articulates conjunctural meaning, transfers, as well as constructs all the processes, thereby, "producing a different meaning: breaking the chain in which it is currently fixed" (Hall 1990: 9).
As noted by Guillermo Marin in his essay "La corruption en Mexico: una estrategia de resistencia cultural," corruption "is a major detriment to society because it destroys, debilitates, disarticulates, splits and disintegrates any and all national, political and social projects.
The seeds fall from the megastrobilus when it disarticulates,
In her reading of seventeenth-century travel narratives and anatomical texts, Valerie Traub disarticulates the connection between the clitoris and the lesbian (central to Freud's account of lesbianism as an infantile stage of sexual development), and, more generally, she deconstructs the ultimately essentialist equation between body part and embodied desire, and of embodied desire and erotic identity.
You've written elsewhere that the primary challenge for penal abolitionists in the United States is to construct a political language and theoretical discourse that disarticulates crime from punishment.
Watcher and lover--if at a distance--the poet, fighting for air as the world disarticulates, offers his most precious things: his heart and his eyes on the altar of endings.
The metafictional discourse disarticulates individualist identities, which is particularly interestingly done through the use of a Cortazarian series of excursuses that are equal in length to the main narrative.