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separate at the joints

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In its attention to gender, the study is feminist in principle; in its focus on the ways in which men are subject to the symptoms of hysteria in conditions such as "chronic fatigue syndrome," "Gulf War syndrome," "recovered memory," and "multiple personality syndrome," it undertakes to disperse hysteria's symptoms and to disarticulate them from women, a gesture that is comprehensible, from one perspective, as a kind of liberation or equalization such as might also be seen to be implicit in the APA's redefining of the disorder in 1980.
In doing so, Ouedraogo disarticulates the limits of traditional cultures and the symbolic meaning of class affiliation related to it, to rearticulate a philosophical border located above the categories of tribe and traditional values, but rather of affectivity.
conditions may be found when the megastrobili disarticulate.
Ginsberg wants to see the relationships among Chaucer and the Italians in a similar mode: less as the direct influence of A on B and more as the shared and mediated encounters of writers with the issues raised by each others' works: "the manner in which their literary and social modes of meaning echo and disarticulate one another" (ix).
It is part of the "regime's strategy to fragment the society, to disarticulate all intermediate social bodies between the individuals and the state--parties, unions, professional organizations--which would challenge the regime's desire to have all depend only on it.
Ambition in the large scale will seek forever to disarticulate, when and wherever it can, institutions in the meso-scale, in order thus to broaden and to deepen both its scope and competencies.
The exhibition as a whole, titled "My Labor Is My Protest," brought into focus Gates's characteristic confusion of those boundaries--between work and resistance, art and commerce, radicalism and reform, politics and policy--that black practitioners working within hegemonic frames have sought to at once master and disarticulate in reimagining history and tracking the past's unfolding in the present.
The novel ends with Rodriguez proceeding to disarticulate Frannie while she is still fully conscious.
It is sometimes necessary to disarticulate the lateral crura from the upper lateral cartilages in order to successfully reorient them (figure, D).
There was no loss of ligament on these shells and even the jostling during retrieval did not disarticulate them.
However, your master shooter has also learned to disarticulate his trigger finger--to make it work separately from the others.
In a 2003 issue of Bitch Magazine (one of Bust's main competitors), contributor Justine Sharrock criticizes the commodification of feminist domesticity and girl culture, characterizing it as a "retreat" from feminists' attempts to disarticulate gender and household labour.
An even more difficult task is to disarticulate this concept from this hegemonic discourse and rearticulate it to progressive and counter-hegemonic initiatives.