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A Durham police spokeswoman said: "A back window has been forced, allowing the burglar to get inside the property, stealing a quantity of cash and leaving the house in disarray.
But Wenger insisted: 'I don't feel we're in disarray.
business license records were found in disarray in an open office, making them accessible to almost anyone, according to a recent District of Columbia inspector general report.
Milingo, who has a history of sowing division and disarray among the faithful, was initially demoted from his archepiscopate in Zambia in 1983 after leading faith-healing sessions that included exorcisms.
There already was some disarray on campus from modernization construction.
Mrs Randerson added: 'This throws the ambulance service into total disarray and crisis because it is against a background of failed targets and poor response times over many years.
However, interviews with staff and board members suggest that finances were in disarray for a number of reasons.
Decision making processes for end-of-life clinical care are in complete disarray.
Paul asserts that chronic disarray can injure self-confidence, relationships, and your reputation.
When the prisoner returned to his cell he found it in disarray and he noticed that some of his legal papers and medical snacks had been taken.
they would watch their daughter grow up, get married, start a family of her own"--are thrown "into a nervous and jangling disarray.
His face turned ashen when he saw the broken rods lying in disarray on the floor of the pool.
There are government management practices that also contribute to post-award disarray, and three are summarized herein together with hypotheses on root causes and suggestions for resolution.
In fact, when it finally began to show up on their radar screens indicating how vital financing was to the lifeblood of these groups, many in the intelligence community were caught in a state of disarray.
ENGLAND are determined not to become distracted by stories of the West Indies being in disarray ahead of Friday's second Test.