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having the arrangement disturbed

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All the women but Tess fell into animated talk, and adjusted the disarranged knots of their hair.
Touching it (and finding it to be far softer than any chamois leather that my fingers had ever felt before), I disarranged the folds, and disclosed a ticket pinned among them, describing the thing in these horrid lines: "Skin of a French Marquis, tanned in the Revolution of Ninety-three.
His fully disarranged and contradictory positions against the Iranians are not a new issue.
The police then immediately visited the bank's strongroom and discovered that items stored there had been disarranged.
He was "on his knees with clothing disarranged, hands uncovered and frostbitten and a wild look in his eyes".
It appeared the suspect directed the girl to a secluded area, and when the two appear again on footage, the victim's clothing is disarranged.
These methods are used mainly to explore the structure in large disarranged data matrices and correlation matrices.
Niessen, 2012) As technological society disarranged the established social order and conventional systems of morals (Carr et al.
According to the Staff of the University Registrar during the interview, "Most of the documents in the storage area were wet and disarranged due to strong winds and heavy rain.
The teeth on the anteriormost elongate plate, on the middle plate of complicated configuration and on the posteriormost roundish plate form disarranged oblique rows, evidenced by the remaining tooth sockets and a few surviving teeth pointing towards the pharynx.
Sebastian Sepulveda edits the movie into non-sequential shards of memory, jaggedly disarranged in the manner of post-traumatic consciousness, while cinematographer Stephane Fontaine's searching close-ups repeatedly step an inch too far into its subject's already frail personal space.
The same might be said of the published novel itself, a disarranged, or deranged, text that constitutes a trace of Beckett's war experience.
He said Guanzon's actions project a disarranged management of the electoral processes.