Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

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negotiations between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics opened in 1969 in Helsinki designed to limit both countries' stock of nuclear weapons


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I want to deepen discussions on various issues including disarmament, nuclear issues, climate change and the economy,'' Hatoyama told reporters at the prime minister's office in Tokyo prior to his departure.
AaAa "Nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation, and the peaceful use of nuclear energy are the three pillars of our action," Loulchki said, noting that "the duty to endeavor in favour of nuclear disarmament is a priority objective for the international community.
In the end, the Chair's summary (Amano 2007), not a consensus document approved by states but still a reflection of the majority views in the PrepCom, made it clear that States had "reaffirmed that the Treaty rests on three pillars, nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation, and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
National policies, activities and positions taken on universality of the NPT, non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament, nuclear weapon free zones, security assurances, safeguards, peaceful (sic) uses of nuclear energy
His administration's polities on war, disarmament, nuclear warheads, welfare and Cuba are far from what have been proposed by Pope John Paul II or the American bishops.
We commit to work together for a successful Review Conference in New York that strengthens each of the treaty's three pillars: nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy," the statement added.
So, as a transition strategy, Japan seeks first to achieve a ''world with low nuclear risk'' by simultaneously undertaking nuclear disarmament, nuclear nonproliferation and prevention of nuclear terrorism.
The principle of irreversibility to apply to nuclear disarmament, nuclear and other related arms control and reduction measures.
Machimura said the so-called Group of Four nations -- Japan, Germany, Brazil and India -- are preparing a framework resolution, to be ready possibly in June, that covers issues of development, disarmament, nuclear nonproliferation and U.
Nevertheless, the NAM confirmed that since the Review Conference succeeded in agreeing to an action plan on nuclear disarmament, nuclear non-proliferation, peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and implementation of the 1995 Resolution on the Middle East, back in 2010, regrettably, Zarif said that the "status of the implementation of the 2020 action plan is far from encouraging.