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Synonyms for disarm

Synonyms for disarm

remove offensive capability from

make less hostile

take away the weapons from

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16) As examined in this book, the minister's caution was well founded: those records would fall right into the hands of the Nazi Party, which used them to disarm its political enemies and the Jews.
Pressure to disarm the former rebels has mounted after local media reported several skirmishes between militia factions in Tripoli, with some resulting in casualties.
He says his government, in charge during an eight-month transition, would only disarm fighters once they can be offered alternatives, including jobs.
Reed: You are correct that if you disarm your opponent and your opponent is no longer a threat you are not justified in employing deadly force.
When President Bush made the case for going to war against Iraq, he repeatedly stated that the purpose was to disarm Saddam's regime of its reputed weapons of mass destruction, pursuant to UN Security Council resolutions.
The government has decided to disarm the Pokot by force" Kenyan Security Minister John Michuki told Parliament in April.
However, both Lebanese government troops and international forces have balked at the prospect of being asked to use force to disarm the formidable Shiite militia.
Brushing aside the agreement by the Lebanese government to disarm the group, Nasrallah said, "This is not the time for Hizbullah to disarm.
They include two-person disarm and early ambush features that require redundant confirmation that a facility is safe.
Ideally, this process would involve two officers--with at least one being armed with a less lethal weapon in the event that the situation deteriorates--as the other officer tries to disarm the suspect.
The officers were able to disarm him using restraint techniques.
The sweep was part of the DISARM program - Developing Increased Safety Through Arms Recovery Management - initiated by county Supervisor Michael D.
Police initially tried to disarm him using CS gas, but after he became even more aggressive a plastic bullet was fired.
And they said they hoped the launch of DISARM would co- ordinate efforts to drive home the message that there is ``a better life'',back in Liverpool.
Sporting and music stars will also be at the event to highlight the work of anti-gun charity the Disarm Trust.