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showing disapproval


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He'll never get to raise his eyebrow disapprovingly at any future boyfriends.
I'm damned if I'm letting a punk like you waltz in here and stupid the place up," growls the character disapprovingly.
IN his office overlooking Liverpool's world-famous waterfront, Max Steinberg shows me a pile of recent Liverpool ECHOs - and points disapprovingly to the bad news stories on their front pages.
I'm told the broadcaster, 48, had to be calmed down and slipped away quietly a little later leaving onlookers tutting at him disapprovingly.
Or maybe the cops will show up, stare at you disapprovingly for a few minutes and then just leave.
Meanwhile, the training of Syrian moderates remains as chimerical as the Bashar al-Assad regime's barrel bombs are real, and Congress continues, Corker notes disapprovingly, to fund America's wars off budget.
Wallace also spoke disapprovingly of the grotesque bonus culture which had been allowed to thrive inside Ibrox before his arrival.
In comments likely to be heard disapprovingly by countries ranged against ISIS, Sheikh Tamim said bombing militants in Iraq and Syria was not a solution.
They would come and shake hands with him and he would look a little disapprovingly at them," said Sarfaraz.
In sharp contrast is the pearl-adorned Nirmala Devi Rathore (Rathna Pathak) who looks on disapprovingly.
The evidence given by the newspaper reporter was about a statement his driver, Alan Smith, had previously given to police where he said that he had heard the singer talking disapprovingly about drugs.
Firstly, there's the constant shushing at breakfast, making sure toddlers are entertained, not squealing or attempting to play hide and seek under tables, as other diners look on disapprovingly.
She disapprovingly added, 'It is like what farmers use to let cows in and out one at a time
It is not just the men in uniform who may have taken its stunning partisanship disapprovingly.
We claim we're so elevated, peering haughtily over our broadsheet newspapers, tutting disapprovingly and wringing our pious hands in superior moral concern.