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Synonyms for disapproval

Synonyms for disapproval

unfavorable opinion or judgment

Synonyms for disapproval

a feeling of disliking something or what someone is doing

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an inclination to withhold approval from some person or group

References in classic literature ?
There was a haze of disapproval in the air, but whether the disapproval was of herself, or of Mr.
The present surgeon was not a man to be daunted by a lady's disapproval of him.
The German grunted in contemptuous disapproval of all Frenchmen, and all French institutions.
She could not endure Jane's disapproval, although she would never have confessed to such a weakness.
2003) repeated the game for 10 periods and allowed a subject to assign 0-10 (only integers) disapproval points to other members of the group.
We explored both the extent of approval/disapproval of cockfighting and dogfighting and the personality and animal attitude correlates of such approval versus disapproval.
a One basketball fan said: "When Ashley Cole popped up there was a deafening roar of disapproval around the whole arena.
President GE-l garnered the approval of 76 percent of the public, while 19 percent expressed disapproval.
In a weekend nationwide survey of 1,741 eligible voters by the Asahi Shimbun, the support rate stood at 27 percent, down from 29 percent in January, while the disapproval rating rose to 49 percent from 47 percent.
NNA - 3/1/2011 - The State Shura Council announced on Tuesday its disapproval over Labour Minister Charbel Nahhas's wage increase package.
In this study, the effect of Preventive Classroom Management Training Program (PCMTP) on approval and disapproval behaviors of teachers working in inclusive classrooms was investigated.
This predicted order effect was examined by including in the questionnaire a section asking for the respondent's perception of the disapproval of cheating by various parties.
More telling, his strong disapproval ratings jumped from 40 percent to 50 percent - I imagine our poll respondents gritting their teeth and jabbing at their computers as they registered their angry responses.
Prime Minister Andrus Ansip received a 35 percent approval/ 35 percent against rating, and Justice Minister Rein Lang received 31 percent approval/ 28 percent disapproval.
This disapproval resolution would be considered in the House and Senate under "fast track" parliamentary procedures which are intended to ensure an opportunity to consider and vote on the measure.