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Miss Bingley, however, was incapable of disappointing Mr.
They were garnished with an occasional Senator, whose movements and utterances often appeared to be regarded with a mixture of alarm and indulgence, as if they would be disappointing if they weren't rather odd and yet might be dangerous if not carefully watched.
The first page was disappointing, however, as it contained nothing but the picture of a very fat man in a pea-jacket, with the legend, "Jimmy Colver on the Mail-boat," written beneath it.
Then is there a singular kind of parallel between her and the little glass chandeliers of another age embellishing that assembly-room, which, with their meagre stems, their spare little drops, their disappointing knobs where no drops are, their bare little stalks from which knobs and drops have both departed, and their little feeble prismatic twinkling, all seem Volumnias.
Time and time again I rose with upstretched hand, only to feel the disappointing rocks close above me.
Our superficial attractions mutually exhausted, we lost heart and patience in the disappointing strata which lie between the surface and the bed-rock of most natures.
It's disappointing to find that at heart you are sentimental.
He had no great faith in examinations, for he noticed that boys never did so well in them as in form: it was disappointing, but not significant.
The real article, however, is rather disappointing, after the pictures.
She seemed to be disappointing the desire of a child.
Young men were often wild and disappointing, making little return for the money spent on them, and a girl was exposed to many circumstances which might interfere with her prospects.
They were the family of William, one of our club waiters who had been disappointing me grievously of late.
Jack," said von Horn, sadly, "I am afraid there is a terrible and disappointing awakening for you.
You are a hopelessly disappointing person," she declared a little pitifully.
The President, the rector and myself, the three handsomest and highest-bred men in the assembly, led the way on the liberal side, waggishly warning all gallant gentlemen present to beware of disappointing the young ladies.