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Are those who have been disappointed in their first choice, whether from the inconstancy of its object, or the perverseness of circumstances, to be equally indifferent during the rest of their lives?
I was rather disappointed after I arrived to find that there are several other Americans here for the same purpose as myself.
A letter from my steward tells me that my presence is wanted at home; and being disappointed in my hope of seeing the Marquis of Longtown and General Courteney here, some of my very old friends, there is nothing to detain me longer in Bath.
Nearly three weeks of the new year were gone, and Rosamond, awaiting an answer to her winning appeal, was every day disappointed.
Her sister was slightly offended; but the event proved Matilda was right: the disappointed lover performed his pastoral duties as usual.
On the return journey Whitely and I preceded the rest of the party by about a hundred yards in the hope of getting another shot at something edible, for we were all greatly disgusted and disappointed by the loss of our venison.
I shall be very disappointed if I don't get out to the Front again soon, sir," the young man declared simply.
Among all the spectators whom Van Baerle's execution had attracted to the Buytenhof, and whom the sudden turn of affairs had disagreeably surprised, undoubtedly the one most disappointed was a certain respectably dressed burgher, who from early morning had made such a good use of his feet and elbows that he at last was separated from the scaffold only by the file of soldiers which surrounded it.
returning to his letter, she was disappointed at the outset.
Venus was much disappointed and again caused her to return to her former shape.
A little later Spenser himself went on to London, hoping perhaps to better his fortunes, and there in a Westminster inn, disappointed, ill, shattered in hopes and health, he lay down to die.
Lynde says, `Blessed are they who expect nothing for they shall not be disappointed.
Mr Jones closed not his eyes during all the former part of the night; not owing to any uneasiness which he conceived at being disappointed by Lady Bellaston; nor was Sophia herself, though most of his waking hours were justly to be charged to her account, the present cause of dispelling his slumbers.
The little fellow patronized the feeble and disappointed old man.
Not disappointed in him, but in my own feeling; I had expected more.