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Synonyms for disappearing

the act of leaving secretly or without explanation

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Disappearing Email messages are transmitted just like standard mail messages, so no change to existing mail infrastructure is required.
Disappearing Email eliminates the risks of unprotected email by enabling centrally administered corporate policies and ensuring routine destruction of old messages, including those stored on backup tapes.
Disappearing Email protects the privacy of email by automatically destroying each message after a certain length of time, as determined by corporate policy.
amp;quot;With its unique ability to make messages expire, Disappearing Inc.
The success of these platforms suggests that disappearing content is here to stay, and companies--and marketers specifically--should take advantage of the opportunities it presents.
Ten Things I Hate About You" - disappearing Aug 1 - Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger star in the quintessential late '90s teen movie.
The screenshot shows the message, "You turned on disappearing messages.
It shall obtain knowledge and recommendations that can 1) help to prevent unaccompanied minors disappearing and 2) better government monitoring of such disappearances.
It usually disappears by the time a child is five but, before it does, it may enlarge, beoming darker or lighter, before gradually disappearing.
It's #9 on our list of the "Top 10 Disappearing Futures.
Warned by beekeepers and farmers that bees are disappearing at an alarming rate and more money is needed to find out why, the response is that no money is available.
It has been mismanaged and it is now on the verge of disappearing altogether--it is the socio-economic fabric of small town Northern Ontario.
Because of disappearing wetlands, the use of pesticides, and changes in groundwater flow, some dragonfly species are threatened with extinction.
In the 1955 regulations, the IRS went on to clarify further the treatment of disappearing basis in redemptions involving related parties and the Sec.