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In reference to flight MH370 that disappeared in the Indian Ocean last March, Cor Pan, believed to be shown in this profile picture, posted a picture of Malaysia Airline plane on his Facebook page and wrote: "If the plane disappears, this is what it looks like.
Her first book, Don't Disappear Part I, is not only a Russian best seller; it has been adapted to a successful long running Television Mini-Series.
When the number of sea otters declines, sea urchin populations grow out of control, and these marine hideouts disappear.
The fact that school boards are not exercising leadership in this area means they need to get busy--not disappear.
Now we start to really react against it because if we allow this process to continue we will also disappear as a nation".
Except for the locals who disappear into convenience stores or banks to run errands, the street of one of New York's main tourist attractions is strangely quiet for a mid-summer's Friday.
In total, twice as many adult men than women disappear.
The last buffalo east of the Mississippi was killed in Webster County, West Virginia in 1825 (see Ask E, this issue), and the clover began to disappear.
But Allen's Chicago is also something quite different from all of its predecessors, a uniquely postmodern world where events never really add up, irrational violence is the norm, and people simply disappear.
I had watched him disappear like the slowly dissolving Cheshire Cat.
Three years ago, items began to disappear from Crestview Convalescent Center in Portland, Oregon: jewelry, dinnerware, even television sets.
But unlike regular messages, these will disappear from the recipients' inbox after being seen.
This is the most distressing birthmark because it does not disappear, although it can fade to a paler pink.
The interesting magic in the film is authentic and very well done, but nothing is really exposed,'' said Gay Blackstone, director of the Magic Castle, as she made a strawberry trifle desert disappear the old-school way (by eating it).