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clarification that follows from the removal of ambiguity

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For each sentence, this outcome probability is combined with the one from POS tagging to reflect the confidence of both disambiguation processes.
Finally, the results of entering an acceptance criterion by means of a logistical function are presented, as well as the application of various confidence levels for a potential disambiguation strategy.
In my lectures I highlight the importance of paying attention to both context and co-text, particularly for the disambiguation of homonyms/ homographs and lexemes that change their meaning according to their concordance.
Disambiguation by the use of qualifiers or other modifications is commonly used when a term can have multiple senses: the salsa example is one type.
We downloaded all disambiguation pages and we selected random subset of these pages for which we downloaded pages they are linking to.
Among their topics are portable text summarization, text-to-text similarity of sentences, applying natural language processing to students' self-explanations, computer-aided rhetorical analysis, the morphological analysis of ill-formed Arabic verbs for second-language learners, using event semantics for toponym disambiguation, and evaluating narrative and expository text summaries using latent semantic analysis.
Some specific topics examined include modeling sense division for word sense disambiguation, social networks in information systems, semantic discovery of services in democratized grids, the semantic web in tourism, and the creation of ontology for copyright law.
The relevance of fragments to the semantics-pragmatics boundary is that if P1 is true, then so is 'contextualism'--the view that pragmatic enrichment, beyond disambiguation and reference fixing, can help determine asserted content (225).
However, the position is here motivated in a new, independent way, and an explanation is offered why some uses of "true" do not seem to require disambiguation.
Word sense disambiguation can be defined as the task of matching a word token in a text with the appropriate sense entry in the lexical resource, which serves as a de-facto standard of the sense inventory of a language.
We therefore consider it appropriate to refer to the process shown in (70a) as one of "referential disambiguation" or simply "reference disambiguation," while the process illustrated in (70c) should best be called "role disambiguation.
The Terms Semantic Refiner guides the user for sense disambiguation of the concepts submitted by him/her.
In our use of language we are constantly engaged in the process of disambiguation.
Vedic anya- 'another, the other': Syntactic Disambiguation.
The reaching of the end of an unclear sentence (paragraph, page, chapter, text) provokes one to return to its beginning in search for disambiguation.