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This is a situation that would be solved with disambiguating strategies, such as pragmatics or appearance with other word categories, as illustrated earlier in this article.
Another tendency is for a non-significant disambiguating role of schematic elements.
The occurrences of FID in Austen's passage are reproduced in La Famille Elliot, with the slight disambiguating effect in (1) of attributing the reported speech embedded in the representation of the heroine's mind to her sister, Elisabeth.
The careful Reader has no doubt already deduced that I am fixing this problem by adding a disambiguating subscript to the word "Double" to indicate how many directions the words run in (unless the Reader is a member of the National Puzzlers' League, in which case he is most likely pondering the question "How many times is Jabberwock planning on recycling his one tired idea that nobody cares about?
A fundamental task of metaphysics, then, consists in sorting out, or disambiguating, the objects to which terms refer, so that perceptual experience, when it does occur, coheres with the categorical terms used to conceptualize it.
And if it is so, one may also be forced to reconsider what the role of syntactic context is as a disambiguating mechanism.
retention of learned sentiments show disambiguating context effects.
The Russian translation should read "ono dolzhno bit' ponyato massami," but unfortunately, the customary Soviet translation rendered the last two words as "ponyatno massam," thereby disambiguating the sentence in the wrong direction: the onus is placed on the artist to create art that is simple and familiar enough for the masses to understand.
Even accounts of Doctor Roderigo Lopez, Queen Elizabeth's traitorous physician and the most notorious Marrano in sixteenth-century England, are interesting for their suppression of references to his Jewishness, as though treason was a disambiguating category that made the ambiguities of Marranism irrelevant.
This ignores the fact that the translator who will spend time disambiguating a technical text will take just as much trouble to maintain and transfer perceived ambiguity in literary translations.
This is, of course, particularly so in inflected languages, where different scribes copying the same text may have differed more in their sense of the disambiguating function of the inflections than in rhetorical purposes.
VoltDelta distinguishes its 511 solution with its advanced voice recognition capabilities such as disambiguating similar sounding street names, points of interests, and by remembering the last location a caller requested by caching the ANI (Automatic Number Identifier).
ISNI streamlines content distribution chains, disambiguating natural, legal and fictional parties that might otherwise be confused.