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state unambiguously or remove ambiguities from

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Washington, Jan 20 ( ANI ): Ambiguity actually makes language more efficient, by allowing for the reuse of short, efficient sounds that listeners can easily disambiguate with the help of context, researchers have claimed.
Instead, the Beneficiary must be preceded by a benefactive affix which disambiguates the semantic roles of the objects.
Moreover, the order of Theme and Recipient is also free, because differences in animacy disambiguate the semantic roles of these arguments irrespective of their coding (they may both occur in the accusative and the nominative).
differences in animacy) disambiguate the semantic role assignment of the relevant arguments.
A two-phase approach is used whereby the system first disambiguates citations based on venues.
Disambiguate extracted venue in step 2 from DBLP for the focused citation string using rule based approach as given in section 4.
Consequently, they made a venue over title model and disambiguate venues based on Dirichlet process mixture.
The rules to disambiguate venue is illustrated here:
Disambiguate venue and citation based on matched titles of the paper as described in section 4.
This procedure would, in fact, do nothing different than a common HMM-based tagger does with its own acquired lexicon: disambiguates its ambiguous entries upon encountering them in the text and applying the transition probability matrix and handling procedures on unknown words.
Trigram tagger such as TnT uses algorithms to disambiguate between tags in tag lists provided by emission probability matrix for a known wordform.
Even if the form functioning, for example, as the subject of the clause is one originally associated with the objective function, the syntactic context usually disambiguates it.
B-Intercept disambiguates information by analyzing text at many levels and refining meaning accordingly.
First, it disambiguates addresses - identifying that all of the different ways to express the address of a location do in fact refer to the same place on the planet.
MetaCarta GeoTagger is a web service that easily fits within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and provides a unique ability to analyze documents for geographic references, disambiguates those references to specific locations in the world, and creates geographic tags for those documents.