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state unambiguously or remove ambiguities from

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Later, in order to estimate the semantic relatedness between the service attribute and the ontological entities, this module proceeds to disambiguate the matching entities, establishing their senses regarding the ontology they belong to.
Washington, Jan 20 ( ANI ): Ambiguity actually makes language more efficient, by allowing for the reuse of short, efficient sounds that listeners can easily disambiguate with the help of context, researchers have claimed.
Disambiguate extracted venue in step 2 from DBLP for the focused citation string using rule based approach as given in section 4.
Consequently, they made a venue over title model and disambiguate venues based on Dirichlet process mixture.
The failure to ascribe the correct sense to a word is often the result of an attempt to disambiguate at a higher level of granularity than required.
This time the program has failed to accurately disambiguate the word under analysis.
Trigram tagger such as TnT uses algorithms to disambiguate between tags in tag lists provided by emission probability matrix for a known wordform.
Each of these has its own nuance in English, which the foreign student of English will find difficult to disambiguate.
An effective alias analysis disambiguates memory references, and enables the compiler to reorder pointer accesses.
81) Vecellio, like the legislators, codifies, consolidates, disambiguates.
We illustrate unsupervised WSD with an algorithm of Resnik (1997) that disambiguates noun senses.
Such judgements not only involve the application of interpretative principles but depend upon how the spectator disambiguates aspects of the work which are irreducible to a given interpretation.
The software disambiguates entity information about persons, organizations, objects and events, while minimizing false positives and negatives, which frees up investigative resources to focus on real leads and improves the capabilities of applications that are focused on identifying specific activities or changes in behavior.
B-Intercept disambiguates information by analyzing text at many levels and refining meaning accordingly.
It also disambiguates (decides which meaning of a word is the right one) from the context of the sentence or paragraph.