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Furthermore, interpretation of the data in Table 1 suffers from the fact that many of the utterances also could be disambiguated by semantic factors.
Accurately disambiguated venues are further used for user interfaces and for performing data mining of research literature.
The overall increase in tonal range agrees with findings from previous studies on focus in Spanish, and it suggests that declaratives and imperatives may be disambiguated by increased correlates of emphasis.
In addition, instead of providing one translation for each disambiguated feature, we translate it with all translation equivalents that belong to the assigned cluster similar to Drjean et al.
The disambiguation type (2) concerns the case where one of the subject or object part of the language model cannot be disambiguated by using the ontology repository:
Notice that while in English the two readings involve the same headless relative structure, in French they are formally disambiguated due to the fact that French must use an IT cleft instead of a reverse WH cleft; in B the relative marker is ce que, in B' it is que (cf.
The expert profiling solution for Johns Hopkins is based on Collexis biomedical highly disambiguated expert database, which is the basis for the life science social networking site www.
The output of these three steps is a string of text tokens, where each word token is annotated with its context disambiguated part-of-speech tag and the base form of the word, i.
We group the disambiguated keywords of a page into topical clusters, with every cluster representing a different topic and containing all the keywords whose senses are annotated with that topic.
Despite some limitation, then it is likely that better rule sets can be compiled at least to detect and model the life-meaning issues with aim to improve the accuracy, namely the number of words correctly disambiguated, ipso facto preventing from word sense ambiguity, which is one of the main causes which affect the retrieval performance in the field of information retrieval and natural language processing, on account of the polysemies (when one word may have different meanings under different contexts) and synonymies (when different words may have the same meaning).
Having the word senses disambiguated would allow the users to search for a specific sense of a word, thus eliminating documents containing the same keyword but that are semantically irrelevant.
The next direction would be to build a full lemmatizer which, unlike inflectional lexicon presented in this paper, gives fully disambiguated lemmas as output relying on the results of the tagger.
The adoption of this semantic indexing approach allows learning algorithms to work on disambiguated documents, thus inducing more accurate WordNet-based user profiles.
The basic structure of the framework as shown in figure 1, consists of a component responsible for the linguistic analysis of a user expression in English, a component for the semantic disambiguation based on the application's domain, a component for the processing of the ontologies that comprise the domain and a component for the formulation of the disambiguated user expression to a query language.
I noted that the first-order concerns--dialogue, revelation, salvation, and epistemology--are not always clearly disambiguated in the literature, and, arguably, this is necessarily so.