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state unambiguously or remove ambiguities from

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Indians later disambiguated as Red Indians, American Indians, Amerindians, or Amerinds .
For example the terms like ill, sick, in poor health etc are disambiguated and moved to its root that is ill.
We in this study show that combining search mechanisms along with intelligent use of semantic technologies and datasets related information can be located, disambiguated and delivered to the user.
290,000 words) and the 20th century (morphologically disambiguated subcorpus of the Tartu University Corpus of Written Estonian, approx.
While aspects of music's sense may be disambiguated, its objective reference cannot.
If the distance between a case and one of the centroids is significantly shorter than with all the other centroids, the word can be safely disambiguated into the sense represented by the centroid to which it is closest.
Such shifts in the mode of reception are due both to the familiarity recent generations of filmmakers and audiences have with film conventions and innovations, as well as narrative experimentation in other media, and the impact of digital technologies (especiaily DVDs), which allow filmmakers to produce films that can only truly be disambiguated through multiple viewings and research, viewers to examine films in detail with an unprecedented amount of access and control, and both groups to discuss and analyze the films online.
The Fingerprint technology mines data quickly and accurately with "a disambiguated author base," he says.
Like so many of these works, it appears as a detail from some other setting, cleaved, decontextualized, and resized, perhaps bearing down on an unknown Impressionist's facture--another instance of an elaborate staging of disambiguated "secrets" that might be unearthed as the phantom of style.
Pete Mandik's position is motivated by the insight that often underdetermined visual information can be disambiguated by motion, a view traditionally advanced in support of non-representational accounts of perception.
Once disambiguated, it turns out that Evans's argument either begs the question against the Cartesian or fails to be plausible.
Furthermore, interpretation of the data in Table 1 suffers from the fact that many of the utterances also could be disambiguated by semantic factors.
The result of this module is a disambiguated concept in the way [D.