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state unambiguously or remove ambiguities from

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There is a first zone where the first hypothesis returned and routed to this destination is accepted as valid; then a second disambiguation zone, where we might disambiguate between four hypotheses returned by the router, asking the user to choose;, and a third rejection zone, where any hypothesis is assumed to be erroneous and is not routed.
And once we disambiguate the terms "natural" and "supernatural" by these three distinct criteria, there is nothing startling either.
Ground reaction force (Biomechanics)) is to clarify the context for the term and to disambiguate (clarify in context) its meaning.
But once we understand that context disambiguates, then ambiguity is not a problem - it's something you can take advantage of, because you can reuse easy words in different contexts over and over again," he said.
One's place is fixed in society incontrovertibly on the basis of one's parentage, and descent organization serves to disambiguate and regulate over the reproductive rights of women and, thus, of the reproduction of the social body overall.
No more need to disambiguate someone's personality from what they share in 140 characters, the truth is obvious and this new trend will set us free.
The terminological facade of a common meaning has to be challenged to disambiguate interpreter differences.
Geospatial analysis and good data, which can help disambiguate these indicators, require a trained Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist--a resource to which few district planners have access.
In general, it can be difficult to disambiguate between the different factors that underlie these scattering curves (Fonseca and Mayer, 2007), but they do offer some separation between different substrate types.
For a computer, as with a human, additional information is needed to disambiguate the phrase.
Such apparently clear, quarreling statements are difficult to disambiguate in Ammons.
Animals disambiguate between motion in the environment and self-movement using corollary discharge, proprioceptive signals and reafferent sensory input.
Rather, body movements may serve to disambiguate or accentuate musical material that is emotionally ambiguous.
A nom de guerre might be taken to hide one's identity for various purposes, including protecting one's family; to disambiguate people with the same real name; or to break with the past, as with the French Foreign Legion.