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Jackson (2010) "Eye color predicts disagreeableness in North Europeans: support in favor of Frost (2006)".
A social risk is trying new ideas, putting your reputation on the line, challenging conventional wisdom, making the people around you uncomfortable; you have to adopt a sense of urgency, face disagreeableness, and work within constraints.
as propositions, we develop a "show me the evidence--where is the money-extensional attitude"--a way to avoid a great deal of disagreeableness in conversations.
make up for a small pecuniary gain in some employments, and counter-balance a great one in others: first, the agreeableness or disagreeableness of the employments themselves.
If every thing that went wrong, if every vanity or weakness in another gave us a sensible pang, it would be hard indeed: but as long as the disagreeableness of the consequences of a sudden disaster is kept out of sight by the immediate oddity of the circumstances, and the absurdity or unaccountableness of a foolish action is the most striking thing in it, the ludicrous prevails over the pathetic, and we receive pleasure instead of pain from the farce of life which is played before us, and which discomposes our gravity as often as it fails to move our anger or our pity
Thirdly, they are described in terms of being imperious, autocratic, dictatorial, and hard (blends of Disagreeableness and Emotional Stability).
1729) ("For, since Honesty (or moral Necessity) and Turpitude are Affections of human Deeds, arising from their Agreeableness or Disagreeableness to a Rule, or a Law; and since a Law is the Command of a Superior, it does not appear how we can conceive any Goodness or Turpitude before all Law, and without the Imposition of a Superior.
Only a few studies use historical data to test for a relationship between job disamenities and compensation, and those few find weak evidence consistent with Smith's hypothesis that "unfettered" nineteenth-century labor markets provided some compensation for job risk and disagreeableness.
Her dislike of the Farival twins attests more to her artistry than to her disagreeableness.
Subjects had to rate themselves on psychological scales and the key characteristics to look out for in potential poachers are disagreeableness, attractiveness and sexual openness.
Finally, Putallaz (1987) found that mothers' agreeableness during mother-child game-playing tasks was negat ively correlated with children's disagreeableness during child-peer interactions.