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Jackson (2010) "Eye color predicts disagreeableness in North Europeans: support in favor of Frost (2006)".
He focused on three key notions: the disagreeableness, urgency, and constraints, as being the drivers of success.
Hence, teachers having agreeableness trait/dimension of personality can enhance the academic achievement of students as compared to those having disagreeableness trait/dimension of personality.
permissibility of divorce on the basis of the disagreeableness of being
Likewise, Burnett structures Mary's disagreeableness as stemming from the Indian type of gardening.
The study also found that the rewards of disagreeableness for women are limited, far more so than for men.
i]t would be odd indeed to conclude both that 'if it is the speaker's opinion that gives offense, that consequence is a reason for according it constitutional protection' and that the government may ban the expression of certain disagreeable ideas on the unsupported presumption that their very disagreeableness will provoke violence.
In time the two men's discussion turns from Ellen to politics and 'the illusion of undergraduate friendship passed; the bitterness and great disagreeableness of three years of bloody war surged again between them' (273).
The three traits may be moderately intercorrelated and share several core themes, that is, manipulation, disagreeableness, and impulsivity, but they also need to be differentiated as they manifest differentially and produce different patterns of associations.
There is an immediate aspect of agreeableness or disagreeableness, and there is its influence upon later experiences" (p.
On the subjective side, the disagreeableness of labour could be used for explaining the market equilibria between job characteristics and job preferences thus providing an explanation of wage differentials (and job design) that, given enough ingenuity, could have accounted for the overwhelming evidence for the negative relationship between adverse job characteristics and pay.
make up for a small pecuniary gain in some employments, and counter-balance a great one in others: first, the agreeableness or disagreeableness of the employments themselves.
As soon as the door shut, and before he could reveal his true disagreeableness, I made him sit and slipped him one of my father's weekend pork sausages.
A personality trait can be any normative attribution made to stable kinds of human behavior, within the generally accepted classifications of the five-factor model: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness, with each factor set on a continuum to, respectively, Emotional Stability, Extraversion, Closedness to Experience, Disagreeableness, and Lack of Conscientiousness (McCrae & Costa, 2003).
If every thing that went wrong, if every vanity or weakness in another gave us a sensible pang, it would be hard indeed: but as long as the disagreeableness of the consequences of a sudden disaster is kept out of sight by the immediate oddity of the circumstances, and the absurdity or unaccountableness of a foolish action is the most striking thing in it, the ludicrous prevails over the pathetic, and we receive pleasure instead of pain from the farce of life which is played before us, and which discomposes our gravity as often as it fails to move our anger or our pity