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to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

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or (2) disaffirming and finding relief in the law of restitution.
14, disaffirming all prior statements he had made to the SEC.
Affirming practices/performativity/mobility, disaffirming identities/essence/stability.
adopts Searle's notion of "the institutional nature of our constructed social reality" (115) but affirms this as a concrete effect; it is not a basis, as in postmodernist deconstruction, of disaffirming the possibility of arriving at an objective meaning for texts, because readers construct different meanings based on different experiences.
03 of the New York State Arts and Cultural Affairs Law, which provides a procedure whereby performing contracts may be entered into by infants and approved by the court so as to preclude the infant from later disaffirming the contracts on the ground of infancy.
If the company fails to take the remedial measures directed by the QLCC, each member of the committee is individually responsible for notifying the SEC of any material violation and for disaffirming any tainted submission to the SEC.
165) Under the traditional rule, where the contract has been partially or fully performed, the disaffirming minor's only obligation is to return anything that was conferred by performance.