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  • verb

Synonyms for disaffirm

to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

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It disaffirmed its signature when it was sentenced to have Militia and army activity against Nicaragua, base in Nicaragua request, in 1986.
contracts are disaffirmed is strictly higher under cumulative than under
Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew reacted to the latest "Cage action plan" found at Ergenekon suspect Levent Bektas' office and he also disaffirmed attempts to overthrow the government and use of minorities for this purpose.
It is crucial that identities rooted in oppressive ideologies are disaffirmed whereas those rooted in counterhegemonic ideologies are affirmed.
The question must also be affirmed or disaffirmed at a special town meeting on Feb.
It can then take the mimesis on which the fictional world is based as its syntax, even where the mimetic principle is disaffirmed and where the world realized by the text constitutes an antipole to the logic of the real world--the place where blue deer speak.
Through the affirmation, he or she has been taught to seek the truth, and eschew the lie, something made difficult for the disaffirmed one whose lies to himself or herself necessarily are experienced as insult or outright assault.
19) As a party to the North Atlantic Treaty, the Republic of Turkey has agreed to share criminal jurisdiction over members of the force in certain circumstances, (20) but since 1 October 1914, Turkey has disaffirmed its long history of capitulations.
But it can also create a climate in which students feel alienated, disaffirmed, and devalued.