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to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

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Counselor educators within CACREP-accredited programs are not exempted from addressing social injustices and inequities that impede access and equity for persons who identify as LGB or persons who identify with conservative religious values that disaffirm or disallow sexual minority identities.
The list of relevant contacts with State F include: (1) both parties are lifelong citizens, domiciliaries, and residents of State F; (2) the real property that is the subject of the contract is located in State F; (3) the parties' negotiations were conducted in State F; (4) Delta's lawyer drafted the written offer in State F; (5) Delta made the offer to Pi in State F when her lawyer delivered the writing which communicated the terms of the proposed bargain to him; (6) Pi signed and dated his written acceptance of Delta's offer in State F; (7) Delta received Pi's written acceptance in State F; (8) Delta purported to disaffirm the contract in State F; and (9) the anticipated closing was to be held in State F.
Under traditional contract law, children can disaffirm most of the
188) A contract may also be terminated where the breach goes to the root of the contract and the party not in breach elects to disaffirm the contract.
The Nigerian federal government, Lagos State and industry stakeholders have signed a deal to disaffirm issues which obstruct the rollout of base stations and fibre optic cables in the country s commercial capital.
Meanwhile, several states have misrepresentation-of-age statutes that prevent children from using the infancy doctrine to disaffirm online contracts because, in accepting the terms of service, children often represent that they are old enough to enter into the agreement.
As Dannenberg and associates describe, because children are believed to be "less likely to understand what they are agreeing to" and "more likely to make impulsive and unwise decisions", "common law has firmly established--and state statutes have reaffirmed--that a minor may disaffirm a contract at any point up to and within a reasonable time after reaching the age of majority, thereby rendering the contract a nullity.
To protect his interests as well as your own re, recalling Egnaczyk versus Rowland where the infant sought to recover his car and disaffirm the repair contract the infant lost out in this case ladies, the defense of infancy in this case ladies, in this case the court refused to permit it, using infancy as a sword instead of a shield .
1968) (allowing a minor to disaffirm the purchase of an automobile under infancy doctrine, and explaining that "the minor [i]s immature in both mind and experience and .
Nevertheless, there is a lack of scientific studies that would confirm or disaffirm experience of physicians in the application of balneotherapy.
Through this discussion, the team began to consider more deeply just how literacy practices used in educational settings serve to affirm or disaffirm a student's sense of identity and ultimately students' chances for success in society.
Those who claim to perceive (or behold) reality free of words and symbols face warring with skeptics who disaffirm the possibility or fact of a human capacity to accomplish such a cerebral feat.
Specifically, a minor can generally disaffirm a contract either before or a reasonable time after reaching majority, (24) either expressly by words or implicitly by conduct.
20) Second, these discussions, particularly with Singaporean discussants, disaffirm the notion that corruption cannot be controlled.