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to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

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89) On the other hand, if the buyer disaffirms the contract, he is
Osburn to disaffirm and repudiate the servicing arrangement on loans owned by Ensign.
Given the importance of this chemistry, what can be done objectively to affirm or disaffirm its presence?
The RRT may in fact be an acceptable measure of reading speed, and future comparative research could confirm or disaffirm its use as a reading assessment instrument.
recent research tends to disaffirm the "familiarity
The next step is to follow up with all the parties in the conflict and confirm or disaffirm what was discussed with the employee and discuss alternatives for resolving the issue.
My statement here bears the implication that I disaffirm the notion that Paul was returning a fugitive slave to his rightful master, and refute the theorem that this was the overriding message and value of the letter to the original and subsequent interpretive communities.
They wrestle with the roles they, as individuals, play in their own acceptance as gay, lesbian, and bisexual people of color with respect to coming and being out--how their self-esteem may influence the degree to which others affirm or disaffirm them when they disclose sexual orientation.
Like the federal code, these state receivership laws give receivers the power to disaffirm or reject contracts to which the insolvent insurer is a party.
77) Children under eighteen may not bring an action in their own name (78) and may disaffirm a contract based on their minority status alone.
Equivocate, sidestep, dissemble, disaffirm, impugn, deny and evade.
If approved, the minor will not be allowed to disaffirm the contract on the grounds of minority status or grounds that the parent or guardian lacked personal authority.
UbiquiTel received notice during the quarter that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation had been appointed as receiver for one of the participants in the company's $280 million senior secured credit facility and had exercised its statutory authority to repudiate and disaffirm its obligations with respect to the credit agreement.
The attorney would have to notify the SEC of his or her withdrawal and the reason for it, and disaffirm any SEC submissions he or she believed were tainted.
6903 and has specific authority to make and disaffirm joint returns under Sec.