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Synonyms for disaffection

Synonyms for disaffection

the act of estranging or the condition of being estranged

an interruption in friendly relations

Synonyms for disaffection

the feeling of being alienated from other people

disloyalty to the government or to established authority

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Destructive Insects and Pests Act 1914 to prevent transport from one state to another insects, fungus or pest destructive to crops A 1943 Act enacted to declare extent to impose on employers a liability to pay compensation to workmen sustaining war injuries A 1922 colonial act introduced to curb nationalist activities and made it an offence to spread disaffection among the police
And that's where the knowledge of social and economic conditions, social and economic causes of disaffection should be high on the agenda of training and retraining modules.
Derek Barnett, president of the Police Superintendents' Association, claimed the country is facing a "period where disaffection, social and industrial tensions will rise".
Bob Dylan's penchant for polka dots came in the mid-'60s, at the height of his disaffection and indignation.
But the quarterly Referendum ballot of members found serious disaffection with training and skills among the general population.
Rather than burn more lives, energy and money to foment increased antipathy, why not shift our energy towards removing the disaffection, and give people a desire and capacity to improve their lives and have something to live for?
In this new study the author sets out to be even-handed and in his introduction shows the grounds for each side's disaffection.
Be also in no doubt that the plans for this academy would fracture the education system in Blyth Valley and, if the feeling of public meetings are anything to go by, cause disaffection by an otherwise pragmatic and canny population, who deserve better.
Weeks before the mid-term election, it was becoming obvious that Republicans were in danger of losing control of both houses of Congress, and that the war in Iraq was the leading cause of voter disaffection.
In the Sixties, domestic disaffection deepened and even acquired a name: the generation gap.
In other words, gangsta rap speaks to the social ills that were the result of destructive "government policies, chronic unemployment, political disaffection, and .
Both nations are now major sources of disaffection for Muslim extremists and training grounds for terrorists.
But he acknowledged that some people may take out their disaffection with the Blair administration on their local councils.
The films, intended as documents, are to some degree aesthetically constructed--not by Muhl but by their editors, who have transformed them into video-clip-like sequences, series of short, staccato images evoking the explosive climate of disaffection and change prevalent in '60s Vienna.
Compact managing director Andrew Czolacz said: "These events encourage and strengthen links between businesses and education to raise educational standards, tackle disaffection, encourage enterprise and contribute to the development of a skilled and flexible workforce.