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Synonyms for disadvantageous

Synonyms for disadvantageous

tending to discourage, retard, or make more difficult

Antonyms for disadvantageous

constituting a disadvantage

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That her husband had at first been employed in a bank, that he had afterwards entered into what he called city business and gained a fortune before he was three-and-thirty, that he had married a widow who was much older than himself--a Dissenter, and in other ways probably of that disadvantageous quality usually perceptible in a first wife if inquired into with the dispassionate judgment of a second--was almost as much as she had cared to learn beyond the glimpses which Mr.
The estimable Twemlow, dressing himself in his lodgings over the stable-yard in Duke Street, Saint James's, and hearing the horses at their toilette below, finds himself on the whole in a disadvantageous position as compared with the noble animals at livery.
Ejercito bewailed that such an arrangement is 'so disadvantageous for the Navy,' indicating that possible charges can be filed against public officials who allowed the one-sided provision.
Arthur Yap has been charged anew in the Sandiganbayan, this time over a car plan for employees of the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) that was deemed disadvantageous to the government.
ISLAMABAD: In a move that has immediately put almost the entire civil service at a disadvantageous position, the government has drastically changed promotion criteria for the federal bureaucracy, according to a report by a private media outlet.
Thus, the government must ensure that the terms of the contract for whichever provider is hired, are not disadvantageous to the people and should be FOI-compliant.
Then, based on the benchmark model, the reservation price models considering the LSI's fairness concerns are established; that is, two decentralized models are established under disadvantageous inequality and advantageous inequality, respectively.
IGT performance is assessed by computing a net score by subtracting disadvantageous selections from advantageous selections.
The JVA far from being grossly and manifestly disadvantageous to the government proved to be in fact advantageous with its intention of alleviating the financial distress of IBC 13 employees, both supervisory and rank and file, through the payment of long delayed employment benefits," the resolution penned by Myra Nimfa Solidum-Mendieta, Graft Investigation and Prosecution Officer I and reviewed by Anna Isabelle Aureliano, Director of Preliminary Investigation and Adjudication Bureau.
In 2001, we were offered a partitioning of the Republic of Macedonia but that partitioning was disadvantageous to Albanians and our fellow Macedonian citizens," Ahmeti told the Kosovo television (end)
According to the banks, the rules could put them into a disadvantageous position when compared to other US banks.
We have been asked to look at the tax law and ensure that Islamic financial institutions are put in neither an advantageous nor a disadvantageous position compared to its conventional peers," Ashok Hariharan, partner and head of Tax for KPMG in Oman, told the Times of Oman.
Sydykova notes that it is necessary to increase responsibility among public officials, and introduce mechanisms that will make it disadvantageous to take bribes.
It should be noted that the removal of the third toilet in nine of the company's 12 Boeing 737 planes will not put its passengers in a disadvantageous position compared to the passengers of other airlines.
Tunis (TAP) - The debt crisis in the Eurozone will be disadvantageous for Tunisian exports, tourist trade and DFI but will also have an impact on the competitiveness of national economy, says Moez LABIDI, economic and financial expert .