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Synonyms for disadvantaged


Synonyms for disadvantaged

economically and socially below standard

Synonyms for disadvantaged

marked by deprivation especially of the necessities of life or healthful environmental influences


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Legislation passed in 1988 requires federal government contractors who fail to make a good faith effort to reach their small and small disadvantaged business subcontracting goals to pay "liquidated damages," depending on contract size, back to the government.
In the third year of the Deputy Prime Minister s Pupil Premium Awards, prizes for schools that best improve the performance of their disadvantaged pupils will include:
The Department of Education's own Title I program evaluations demonstrate that after more than $120 billion, the program has not raised achievement for disadvantaged students.
Other critics note that the terms socially and economically disadvantaged would sometimes disqualify experienced business owners or African Americans and Latinos with advanced degrees.
King knew that any program to help the disadvantaged would certainly address the nation's racist past by disproportionately benefitting blacks.
And SAIC's Aeronautical Systems Group in Dayton, Ohio, sponsored a Small Disadvantaged Business Day last fall to introduce these types of companies to local SAIC managers.
Dynanet Corporation, an 8(a), small disadvantaged business that holds the 8(a) STARS contract, joined the Small Business Partner Consortium this year.
The MTA's outreach to 2,100 minority, women and disadvantaged businesses on lucrative Metro Rail professional service contracts has primarily benefited about a dozen companies, most with political connections, records show.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- McDonnell Douglas Aerospace recently awarded $23 million in contracts to small and disadvantaged businesses (SBDs) nationwide to produce parts and services for McDonnell Douglas' portion of Space Station Freedom -- Work Package 2.
Their study shows that, when sellers are seen as being from an economically disadvantaged neighborhood, they receive fewer responses to advertisements placed in online marketplaces.
Agriculture Minister Michelle O Neill today announced her intention to seek applications to the Transitional Payment to Disadvantaged Area Scheme from 1 February 2015.
Theories of 'cumulative advantage/disadvantage' suggest that inequalities across the life course underlie the increasing gulf between the well-off and the financially disadvantaged in later life (Dannefer, 2003).
In excess of N$2 billion in goods and services were procured from previously disadvantaged Namibian suppliers.
There are many small castes which have remained disadvantaged since 1947.
We know that disadvantaged learners don't perform as well as their peers despite a slight narrowing in the gap between the performance of learners who are eligible for free schools meal and those who are not.