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We present results at both a national and small area level, drawing on a range of data sources and multiple measures of advantage and disadvantage.
These results did not support the hypothesis that the home-team disadvantage occurs in hockey.
South Lanarkshire is the area with the highest inequality as the percentage of families with either four or more disadvantages (seven per cent) or none (58 per cent) are both higher than the national average.
And the statistics show that concentrations on disadvantage are increasing.
Almost one-third of the black children lived in areas of concentrated disadvantage in 1995, compared with virtually no white or Hispanic children.
Hence, describing the country on the whole as poor does not address the question of relative disadvantage within countries, which is a problem in wealthy and poor countries alike.
Consider the advantages and disadvantages of various ways to automate your medical practice including adding on to your current system, outsourcing or buying your own new system.
Finally, data from the 1990 census provided information on economic disadvantage (a composite index of the proportion in poverty, on public assistance and unemployed, with higher scores indicating greater disadvantage).
The main disadvantage is the complicated logistics a vast supply of one species provides.
The disadvantage is that we could be mismatched due to physical abilities.
Some of these major advantages will be discussed in this paper along with some major disadvantages, though there are also other minor advantages and disadvantages that will not be addressed here are.
The authors conclude that psychological factors play a very important role in overcoming disadvantage.
They also have the disadvantage of poor self-cleaning and the problem of removing the screw after longer (unplanned) stoppages due to scorch of the compound.
Different reasons for disadvantage suggest different likely responses to the business cycle.