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free somebody (from an erroneous belief)

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In expressing their flagrant and clear-sighted honesty, Liverpool fans show their integrity in disabusing their "emperor" of wearing only the finest threads, when in reality he is laid bare.
Disabusing the abused: Manavi has come a long way in 20 years.
Among previous jobs, he lists freelance musician, bicycle racer and door-to-door violin salesman and says he spends much of his time disabusing Gateshead children of the idea that America is cooler than Britain.
By considering both archival and narrative sources, she explains to what ends they were prepared, encouraging her readers to adopt a critical approach to their findings, and disabusing them of the notion that everything recorded in official documents is necessarily accurate or even true.
Before long, you're sinking into a plush sofa in the large, book-lined anteroom adjacent to Williams' office, with Williams himself across from you, already disabusing you of the preconception that he is some art-snob elitist who staggered into his current station by virtue of some preordained blessing of lineage and comfort with him since birth.