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free somebody (from an erroneous belief)

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There is little about it to disabuse one's mind of the error if he should take it into his head that he was in the heart of Arabia.
If I could believe it the fact that you are in disguise would immediately disabuse my mind of any such idea.
She would have trailed her rose-spattered flounce over the marble floors just as unconcernedly, and she would have proceeded just as calmly to disabuse the mind of the princess of any idea that the possession of a mere man, be he prince or peasant, was anything to brag of.
The first step of worthiness will be to disabuse us of our superstitious associations with places and times, with number and size.
I can see the solicitor glancing from him to me in an apprehension of which I did my best to disabuse him by reassuring looks.