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It aims to disabuse the reader of popular misconceptions about alchemy being a crude precursor to modern chemistry.
Hopefully, data such as these will disabuse practitioners of the all-too-common approach that mastectomy is an easier, simpler solution than breast-conserving surgery when managing early-stage breast cancer.
I said I hated to disabuse him but his impressions were not ours and that the great Danish public should not be misled into thinking that Birmingham represented a wasteland with tumbleweed drifting around a deserted city centre.
There is no doubt that many were impressed by his CV, but he still needs to disabuse some of us that his last minute decision to stand was not something of a vanity project.
He'll also disabuse you of the notion that Americans spend every waking hour mainlining junk food.
I was careful never to disabuse him of the notion - it was good to keep him on his toes.
Well, I don't want to disabuse her of that fantasy.
I have not seen anything to disabuse that the government knew about it.
Scientists themselves have done little to disabuse the public of the view that they have thought-bubble moments of brilliance which they then toil to confirm.
I would wish to disabuse this gentleman of that contention with the reminder that we still live in a democracy - yes, even in horseracing - and until all the main constituents have been consulted in a timely fashion and with the appropriate respect, an honest and legitimate solution to what has rapidly become an extremely contentious issue, cannot satisfactorily be obtained.
s writing will disabuse readers of narrow and/or rigid conceptions of canon law.
They kind of disabuse you of the notion of your greatness pretty quickly.
Finally, officials must disabuse themselves of the notion that $1 trillion in federal spending will result in a net increase in jobs.
But the voters in coal-producing states such as West Virginia interpret the candidates' rhetoric as an endorsement of increased mining and burning of coal using existing processes that are anything but clean, and Obama and McCain have done nothing to disabuse them of that notion.
That's why I was so jazzed with what little info I could find on the Internet about biochar and trust the readership of this magazine to either confirm the possibilities or disabuse me of my wide-eyed optimism