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a monthly payment made to someone who has become disabled and is unable to work

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They conclude that disability payments have a "clear, robust, and substantial income effect" on earnings among some beneficiaries who had relatively high earnings prior to the onset of disability.
But I can't help thinking of Larry, and wondering whether Gabby and Mark would be so free and public about their gun ownership if Gabby had been dependent on VA medical care and disability payments.
The new disability payment will see the most severely injured troops receive at least one of the two elements that make up that payment but concerns have been raised that they would end up going through pointless health assessments.
Allows a 15 percent reduction in permanent disability payments if an employer brings an employee back to the same job, at the same pay, or accommodates him or her with a modified job, as long as the job pays at least 85 percent of the previous job and lasts at least 12 months.
He could qualify for an extra disability payment for his heart disease with the VA's new ruling.
These maximums are expressed in two forms: a maximum long-term disability payment prior to possible offsets for other income or a combined maximum payment from all sources of disability income.
Yet the average nationwide monthly Social Security disability payment is just $722 and only about 35 percent of those who apply receive it because of strict requirements.
Most recently, a provision in the 2006 National Defense Authorization Act authorizes career military retirees with service-connected disabilities rated as total by virtue of individual unemployability to begin receiving the full amount of Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payment (CRDP) on Oct.
THALIDOMIDE victims will have their disability payment Christmas bonus axed - to save the Government just EUR6,000, it was revealed yesterday.
He added: "There are social welfare payments that require you to declare what you have if you are to secure an invalidity payment, if you are to secure a disability payment, so the system can provide for this.
I have been funding my VA disability payment with a deduction from my retired pay for almost 29 years.
This means nearly 5,000 people had their request for a disability payment rejected during that period.
Other noteworthy enrichments to the system are improvements to its flexible spending account and disability payment functionality.
He said: "When they were canvassing, Enda Kenny came down to our town and my sister asked him a question in relation to disability and he turned around and said to my sister he would not touch any disability payment in the Budget.
Standard Insurance Company's Employee Benefits Division is introducing an innovative alternative to traditional disability payment methods with The Standard SecureCard(TM).
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