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a monthly payment made to someone who has become disabled and is unable to work

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The author suggests that such payments may reduce the"recipient's propensity to work" because disability checks obviate the need for a job.
Late last year, the Ministry of Social Affairs changed this policy and instead started giving out monthly disability checks ranging between SR800 to SR1,200.
Department of Labor judge decided what Taha's disability check should be.
He has experienced life beyond fictitious, ultrawhite Burnfield ("pizza and puke capital of the world"), dropped out of the Air Force with a monthly disability check for a humiliating minor injury and returned to take up his position by the Dumpster at the local 7-Eleven, stewing in alcoholic bile.
Your policy should pay residual benefits, giving you, say, half a disability check if you're working half time.
His monthly Social Security disability check is $694, and he is dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.
One California woman told the paper she sends TBN $70 per month from an $820 disability check.
Even when vets can move past the psychological shock of severe battle wounds--and many never do--they face a barrage of obstacles, starting with time spent waiting: The average wait time for newly disabled veterans to collect their first disability check ranges from six months to two years, according to The Associated Press.
The disabled veteran who can't buy food if he doesn't get his disability check.
Also, getting the paperwork moving helps the employee get a disability check sooner, and Cigna's goal is to prevent gaps in income for the employee, McMurray said.
He thinks this is especially true when it comes to people like him-a black man who lives on Chicago's West Side and subsists on a monthly disability check.
Although he received a disability check, he chose to sleep outdoors most nights, saving his money to buy tickets for the Houston Ballet, because he "loved to watch the stories.
Ted had just started collecting a disability check for $700 a month when he got an e-mail message offering him a lump-sum buyout of the disability insurance policy.
But he told 48 Hours that he is now content "living with the Lord" and his $580 monthly disability check.
In practice, if you're receiving a disability check, you probably can avoid the 10% penalty," says Lee Rosenberg, a financial planner in Valley Stream, New York.
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