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any orchid of the genus Disa

a combat support agency in the Department of Defense responsible for developing and operating and supporting information systems to serve the needs of the President and the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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DISA enables employers to make the most informed hiring decisions possible.
In the presentation, DISA team emphasised on the need of upgrading manual foundries with DISA ARPA and other DISA HPML solutions.
With major enterprise-wide programs like NGEN and MCEITS already doing or scheduled to do for the Navy and Marine Corps what DISA seeks to accomplish--and perhaps at a lower cost--the Department of the Navy is actively seeking a more independent approach toward cloud procurement.
In addition to telework, DISA's student programs--the Career Development Intern Program and the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP)--will be highly used to cushion the possible losses DISA faces with the upcoming move.
DISA is a Defense Department combat support agency which provides real-time information technology and communications support to the president, vice president, Secretary of Defense, military services and combatant commands.
Symantec DeepSight Alert Services complements DISA's threat notifications by tracking vulnerabilities in more than 13,000 versions of 3,200 products from more than 1,600 vendors and by sending custom vulnerability alerts to DISA via email, fax, SMS or voice communication.
The DISA STIG Compliance Pack incorporates the DoD's Information Assurance (IA) controls outlined in DISA STIG V8R1 for the database, across all database platforms.
Gerald Robinson, General Manager of Microsofts Department of Defense Enterprise Services organization, said we look forward to working with DISA and CSRA to showcase a best-in-class approach to cybersecurity and endpoint protection.
DISA Toxicology, a DISA subsidiary effective October 1, 2017, has also acquired the assets and business of One Source Toxicology Laboratory, Inc.
DISA is a leading global provider of innovative foundry technology and a world-leading supplier of complete foundry solutions and services as well as state-of-the-art molding equipment.
10 -- DISA India has launched "Made in India" Horizontal Flaskless Moulding Machine , the DISA MATCH 24/28.
Espiritu's assignment is a major step in the continuing evolution of the NCES program's management team and reflects the importance with which DISA views the program.
For more than a decade, CACI has provided DISA with extensive network support under a variety of contracts.
DISA also runs joint warfighting and related mission support command, control, and communications systems funded by direct appropriations, which in fiscal year 2001 were $1 billion.
DISA develops and maintains business-to-business (B2B) standards for electronic trade and commerce, helping organizations simplify transactions, lower costs and expand markets.