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having lewd thoughts

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The film's far from ground-breaking - but it's daft, foul-mouthed and dirty-minded fun.
One Malaysian cab driver told Time, "Iranians are dirty-minded people--they come here to drink and take drugs and wear their shirts open like women," But Time said, "Prejudice goes both ways," quoting GEM-TV's Randamiz as mocking Malaysia as a young nation compared to Iran's 2,500 years of culture.
A bed was wheeled onto the stage, which obviously resulted in a few dirty-minded sorts in the crowd whistling away.
That's followed in quick succession by the Large Band's jazz-jumping arrangement of the dirty-minded "Farmer Brown/Chicken Reel," then the entendre-laden fidelity honk "Pantry," whose food = sex lyrics Lovett finds so tasty he plays it again, this time acoustically, at the end of the album.
The lyric by Jack Wolf contained the line 'Someone who'll hold you and do it up right' and the dirty-minded committee thought that this could be misconstrued.
Basically, it is a dirty-minded sitcom stretched to only just feature length (a trim 84 mins).
In 1981 he was convicted of conspiracy to corrupt public morals, when PIE was condemned as "sick" and a "force for evil which attracted dirty-minded predators".
I think you are nothing but a dirty-minded, talentless and corrupt old man.
How can I put things right without looking like a dirty-minded gossip?
And there are plenty of examples from the Trading Standards team in south Ayrshire alone - kicking off on February 2 with the dirty-minded Dumbo.